TV Recap House of Cards Season 2, Episode 3

Written by Jeevan Brar 

President Walker is the most powerful man in the free world—for now. It really hits you at the beginning of the second season’s third episode just how close Frank Underwood is to the American presidency. By the end, you see exactly where this is going: “I used to be on the edge of the frame. Now, I’m only three feet away.” How scary is that? He’s already installed himself as VP without an election.

Frank is overseeing an amendment, which would increase the U.S. retirement age to 68 in order to ensure that the government can fulfill its financial commitments to its pensioners and avoid the shutdown that the Tea Party (led by Curtis Haas) wanted.

hoc_ps2_043_hDoug mentioned to Frank that a certain someone (Lucas) had been painting a negative portrait of Frank on that spooky deep web. While Lucas hasn’t done anything illegal, Frank wants this situation to be handled. It’s hard to buy that Lucas is all beat up about Zoe Barnes. She was barely nice to him at the start of her series and her attitude towards him barely improved when they actually did begin dating for all of 10 seconds. Alas, Lucas wants justice for his girlfriend’s death, so we’ll have to accept that he’ll continue to make stupid decisions like agreeing to meet an individual who just happens to hack his computer, couriers over an iPad with some crazy bird and alien hybrid that speaks to him, and asks him to scan his fingerprints. That’s just normal behaviour all around. Of course our boy Lucas proceeds to meet with the hacker in person at his apartment where he is videotaped as soon as he walks through the door.

Meanwhile, Jackie is confronted by the woman whose affair and child she exposed. Jackie denies it … gracefully and confidently. But she wants us to know that she feels horrible about it. She dons a hoodie and goes to fill her poppy tattoo. The only way Jackie will allow herself to feel pain is from a tattoo needle.

Doug insists that Rachel not speak to anyone. But lonely girl just wants someone to talk to. She tries to call her mom but then strikes up a connection with a religious music fan she met on the bus.

Claire is interviewing for a publicist—well, she’s mainly interviewing this one dude named Connor who is such a brown-noser that he hit up a North Carolina news studio’s video vault not once but twice to impress her. Claire and Frank finally spend some time together over lunch and wonder if Russo’s former girlfriend, Christina (who is now a presidential aide, by the way), could actually be sleeping with the president.

Wouldn’t that be just perfect for the Underwoods?