Tune In

FLARE's Alex Breen sat down with four TV's A-listers to find out what makes them our favourite characters to sit down with every night.

Tune In
FLARE‘s Alex Breen sat down with four TV’s A-listers to find out what makes them our favourite characters to sit down with every night.

Kate Walsh
Starring on the hugely popular drama Grey’s Anatomy since 2005 as Addison Forbes Montgomery, 39-year-old Kate Walsh was living a dream.  Then came the news that her character was selected to star in her very own spin off show, Private Practice.  And if all that wasn’t exciting enough, she also tied the knot with movie executive, Alex Young.  Flare caught up with the stunning red head to ask her a few questions about her whirlwind success. 


Samaire Armstrong
If the name Samaire Armstrong doesn’t sound familiar to you, it will very soon. The 26-year-old has already starred in It’s a Boy Girl Thing, Just My Luck and Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” video.  However, her latest role as Juliet Darling in Dirty Sexy Money – a drama about the insanely wealth and wacky Darling family headed by Donald Sutherland,is launching her into the mainstream.


Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester
Gossip Girl is the latest teen soap that has everyone talking.  Based on Alloy Entertainment’s book series, the show follows the very dramatic lives of Upper East Side Private schoolers.  Flare recently caught up with two of its hottest stars, 20-year-old Penn Badgley and 21-year-old Leighton Meester.

  Kate Walsh

F: Are you feeling sentimental about leaving Grey’s Anatomy
KW: Definitely. But I think it’s just starting to hit me now. I’ve worked long enough in this business to know how rare something like Grey’s is.

F: In what ways do you feel similar to your character, Addison Forbes Montgomery?
KW: I’m strong and a bit of a perfectionist. But I’m more of a dork and lazier than her.

F: With the success of Grey’s under your belt do you feel more or less pressure with Private Practice?
KW: More pressure.  The most challenging part will be my own anxiety.

F: What do you do when you’re not working to unwind?
KW: Going to the beach immediately relaxes me. If I can’t do that, I like getting in my flannel pajamas and reading a book.  I love Ian McEwan’s Atonement

F: Do you enjoy working the red carpet as much as being in your flannels?
KW: Absolutely! I love dressing up.  But, it’s work.  It’s exhausting. 

F: Do you work with a stylist?
KW: Absolutely.  This is one of the biggest ways my life has changed. There is no time to shop anymore.  I need help otherwise I would be a mad woman.

F: With this new show and your recent wedding, do you feel like your own life is going through similar changes to your character?

KW: I totally do.  It has been like a windfall and I’m so grateful and blessed.  But, there is always goal setting.  I rest on my laurels for about 15 minutes and then I’m like ‘Okay, what’s next?’

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  Samaire Armstrong in Dirty Sexy Money

F: Were you intimidated to be working with such a high profile cast?
SA: Aside from meeting Donald Sutherland, there was never a moment of being afraid or questioning if I could do this.

F: Your character is very dramatic and over the top.  Where did you find inspiration for her?
SA: There was this really bratty girl on the show Grounded For Life.  She would just scream.  So when I got this part I thought ‘I am going to take this that far, I am just going to scream.’

F: I read that you’re very into fashion and that you like to sew.
SA: I do like making clothes.  My style is kind of light and whimsical.

F: Does the prospect of becoming famous intimidate you?
SA: No, I am very excited. I can’t wait to buy a mansion! And a new jaguar! I am looking forward to it all.

F: What have been some of your most memorable moments on set?
SA: Patricia Field did my wardrobe.  She came up to me after seeing the show and said ‘I just want you to know that I think you did an amazing job.’ I am still in aw of her.

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  Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester

F: How would you describe Gossip Girl?
LM: I think it is a cross between the O.C., Cruel Intentions, Sex and the City, and Desperate Housewives.
PB: After seeing the previews, a lot of guys think it’s a chic show. But, all of my guy friends love it. It’s fast-paced and fun, and has enough glitz and glamour to draw you in.

F: In what ways are you similar to your characters, Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf?
PB: Dan is sensitive and a loner by choice. But, I’m not as socially awkward as he is.
LM: Blair brings out the feisty, vixen part of me. I wasn’t the popular girl in high school. Nobody cared about what was going on in my life.

F: Does fashion play an increasingly important role for you now that your celebrity is on the rise?
PB: Girls always try to get me to go shopping, but after about 45 minutes I want to go home. I wear a lot of Hugo Boss.
LM: I love high-end stuff like Dolce & Gabbana and Chloé, but I’m just as happy going into Target or a vintage store and finding a ten-dollar item.

F: At what point did you decide that you wanted to make a career out of acting?
PB: I always kind of wanted to be a performer. I was a very musical kid. My favorite artist of all time is D’Angelo.
LM: Writing is my biggest outlet.  I like writing songs and poetry.

F: Does fame intimidate you?
LM: No.  I have a great feeling about the show, I know it will do well. Maybe my closet will change, but my personality will stay the same.

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