The 3 Best Explanations for Trump's "Easy D" Tweet

Donald Trump tweeted about Easy D last night and it was all very confusing. Did he mean... we thought he meant? Here are the top three explanations, courtesy of the Twittersphere

Trump fired off the latest in a series of questionable tweets yesterday, bashing the federal judiciary for challenging his immigration ban.

With no further explanation from the President about what, exactly, “EASY D” means, people on Twitter are v. confused.

But, thanks to social media, we have now gathered three of the most plausible explanations for Trump’s Easy D Tweet.

Reason #1: Easy D is Trump’s rap alter-ego.

With the ascendancy of Big Sean’s new album and the announcement of Drake’s new EP More Life dropping this month, it’s possible that Trump is trying to stay relevant.


Reason #2: Trump is trying to relate to his audience.

Trump’s strongest campaign tactic was being the most “relatable” politician in U.S. history. Even some Democrats are finding the president’s latest Tweet relatable.


Reason #3: Despite his professed hatred for the show, Trump is secretly a huge SNL fan and he’s trying to get more air time.

With the recent viral success of Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer impersonation, it’s safe to assume that Trump is a bit jealous of all the attention his White house Press Secretary has been getting.


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