Tristan Thompson Is a Tone-Deaf One-Man Team in His Latest IG Post

Read the room, dude

Tristan Thompson wearing his Cleveland Cavaliers jersey on the court. Tristan Thompson Instagram trolls have been commenting on his photos since his return to social media.

(Photo: Getty)

If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians, then you know the drama surrounding Khloé and her new baby daddy/maybe ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. ICYMI: Video footage showed the athlete making out with one woman and “motorboating” another, leading many to accuse Thompson of cheating on the KUWTK star while she was pregnant with their daughter. The player (in more ways than one), has yet to comment on the accusations and stayed off social media since the news broke—only to return on April 29 with a new IG post that has fans fuming all over again.

On April 29, Thompson posted a photo of himself on the basketball court after the most recent game of the Cleveland Cavaliers versus Indiana Pacers series. He captioned the photo: “What an atmosphere in the Q!! Great win #OnToTheNextOne.”


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We have a couple of issues with this photo. Number one: LOL at him congratulating his team with a solo shot of himself, and number two: how tone-deaf could you be, dude? With so many rumours and reports circulating about his alleged cheating scandal, you’d think the athlete’s first post would be an apology, or at the very least a photo of his new daughter True.

Many Instagram users seem to share our concerns. In between middle-finger and poop emojis, the comments under the photo are full of reminders that Thompson can’t run away from his problems, not even on social media.

“Only reason he won was cause he didnt want to face whats at home,” IG user @jt_1.3 commented. “If only you played basketball as good as you played your family,” user @sandystfort wrote. Others are straight-up calling the athlete out for his behaviour. “Many people are upset with you right now.. How could you do that. Khloe waited so many years to have kids. And you just totally ruined this experience,” wrote @seven3782.

This isn’t the first time the Instagram community has trolled the Thompson. After the initial video was released of the basketball player kissing a mystery woman, people flooded his then-latest IG photo (which has since been deleted) with “I hope” comments, and they’re also pretty amazing. “I hope you step in water every time you wear socks,” on user wrote, according to Elle. “I hope every time you go to McDonalds to order a McFlurry they say the ice-cream machine’s broken,” wrote another.

Maybe he’ll have to delete this photo, too?

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