Travis Scott's Latest Selfie with Kylie Jenner Is Majorly Confusing

Ummm, what is "bdjxjkdn"?!

It’s been two weeks since the birth of Stormi Webster was announced, but we finally have proof that new parents Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott actually hang out.

On Feb. 15, 25-year-old Scott shared a photo on Snapchat showing the new parents wearing hospital face masks together, with the caption “bdjxjkdn,” somehow managing to enshroud the ‘ship in even more mystery than it already was.

kylie jenner travis scott snapchat wearing hospital masks

(Photo: Travis Scott/Snapchat)


First of all, what’s up with the masks? Could it be that Scott and Jenner were at a check-up with baby Stormi? And speaking of Stormi, where is she? We saw her once, briefly (in the cute Instagram photo Jenner shared on Feb. 6) and that was it.

The public needs more, Kylizzle. We’re begging you.

Also, what in the WORLD does “bdjxjkdn” mean? Is it code for something, or did Scott tap a bunch of random keys so we’d be distracted by the masks? Ugh.

Despite this being the only proof that Jenner and Scott are occasionally in the same geographic location, a source told E! News that the couple couldn’t be more in love with each other and their new daughter. “Her relationship with Travis has made huge strides since having baby Stormi, and they are back in a good place,” the source said. “Travis has been staying overnight at Kylie’s several times a week when he is not working or out of town and has also been giving Kylie her time to bond with the baby alone.”

TBH, we’re dying to hear from Kylie herself. Give us some deets, girl!

After months of swirling rumours, Jenner and Scott announced Stormi’s birth a few days after her arrival with a sweet YouTube video entitled To Our Daughter. Love the Kardashians or hate ’em, the vid will hit you right in the feels. Trust.


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