The CNE 2016 Menu: Bug Dogs and Rainbow Grilled Cheese

From rainbow grilled cheese with sprinkles on top to actual cricket tacos, the CNE’s food menu, which will be announced in its entirety today, one-ups itself in the headline-making category once again

The CNE's new rainbow grilled cheese (Photo: The Cheesery)

The CNE’s new rainbow grilled cheese (Photo: The Cheesery)

A cricket taco may be making headlines as one of the buzziest—or shall we say chirpiest— food items at the CNE this year, but who the hell is going to eat it? The Canadian National Exhibition, which kicks off August 19th and runs until September 5th, announces its complete new food lineup later today and we’ll def be checking Twitter for the deets.

The Toronto Star reported this morning that Bug Bistro, a new food station that’s the brainchild of Humber College professor and chef Mark Jachecki, is literally serving up Bug dogs, made of beef and fortified with cricket protein, along with lime chili roasted cricket tacos. Yum or just, um?

Last year's supes buzzy deep fried Oreos (Photo: CNE)

Last year’s supes buzzy deep fried Oreos (Photo: CNE)

We’re more excited for a not-just-for-kids rainbow grilled cheese topped with pastel sprinkles. “We wanted to bring something new and exciting to the table,” says The Cheesery owner Daniel Mo (who’s also responsible for last year’s deep fried mac and cheese phenom). “It makes for an epic, Instagram-worthy cheese pull, that’s for sure.” And pretty hangover food, we say.

Now in its 138th year, how is it that the CNE has hipsters and tourists alike flocking for its OTT snackables? “It’s a Toronto institution that marks the beginning of the end of the summer, a time to embrace pure gluttony in all its glory,” says Mo. With a distinct, first crisp breeze in the air this morning, we’d raise a Beetle Juice Smoothie to that.

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