Style Jaunt, Our New Travel & Shopping Show, Visits Lisbon!

We teamed up with Air Transat to create a web series that will inspire your wanderlust (start saving now!). Travel with style bloggers Gracie Carroll and Camille Desrosiers as they seek out the best local shops, restaurants and hot spots around the world. First stop: Lisbon, Portugal! #FLARExAirTransat

Episode 1: Shop Different in Lisbon’s Chiado District

Lisbon may seem a surprising destination for the premiere of a travel shopping series, but Style Jaunt’s mission is to discover the best shopping experiences in cities not necessarily known for them. Fashion bloggers Camille Desrosiers, from Montréal, and Gracie Carroll, from Toronto, meet for the first time at an outdoor book market, which happens every Saturday, in the Chiado District, known as the beating heart of Lisbon. Here they discover a fascinating clash between old and new: you can sip coffee at Café à Brasileira, one of the oldest cafés in the city, before exploring contemporary boutiques like Organii, specializing in organic cosmetics.

For their first shopping excursion, Camille and Gracie go to Loja Da Burel to learn how traditional Portuguese wool is made and find modern accessories made of this wool. The Chiado District is also a must for foodies, with a variety of five-star restaurants. The bloggers end the day at Cantinho Do Avillez, where they sample cuisine by Lisbon’s local star chef José Avillez.

 Episode 2: Finding the Unexpected in Bairro Alto 

Style Jaunt isn’t just about shopping: it’s also about finding hidden attractions in off-the-beaten path neighbourhoods. Lisbon’s Bairro Alto district has a reputation for amazing restaurants and nightlife, but after a tasty breakfast at Hotel Do Chiado, Camille and Gracie discover it’s well worth visiting during the day as well. The neighbourhood boasts beautiful street-art murals, shops like Sky Walker and Véronique Boutique, and a community of eclectic people, like local rock star Antony Millard, who styles Gracie and Camille’s hair at Facto Hair Salon.

Lisbon is built on seven hills, so it’s perfect for street-car cruising, and it’s impossible to miss the gorgeous sunset. Camille and Gracie decide to take advantage of this opportunity at Pharmacia, where they finish the day sipping cocktails at one of Lisbon’s most spectacular viewpoints.

Episode 3: The Rebirth of Lisbon’s Prìncipe Real District

A residential district once known best for antique shops and gay bars, the Prìncipe Real district in Lisbon is becoming a serious shopping area. This is thanks largely to the Embaixada concept store, where Gracie and Camille meet with general manager Catarina Lopes to learn about the history of the building and its clever design. Along with its abundant boutiques, including our favourite, Alexandra Moura, the area is also full of colourful 19th-century mansions like the Embaixada building. A stroll here is a romantic experience: cobblestone streets, garden upon garden and of course the well-known Jardim do Principe Real park, with its iconic, gigantic cedar tree.

From there Camille and Gracie lead us to the Alcântara district, where they find the LX factory. A manufacturing complex kept hidden for years, Alcântara has now become a full-blown creative district that serves the fashion, publicity, communication, fine arts, architecture and music industries, as well as all types of design fields, from home decor to office toys.

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