Tracey Thorn

For the Month of March 2007


Costly wild nights leave you dazed from the 1st-6th. On the 8th and 9th, make better choices about how and with whom you spend time. Low energy before the 17th is to be respected. Insightful revelation dawns from the 19th. Believe in yourself. From the 23rd-30th, passion is easily thwarted by misunderstandings. Laugh them off.

Frustrated desires from the 2nd-4th are more easily within reach on the 7th and after the 20th. Follow your hunches on the 21st. Your conscious mind isn’t close to understanding what your instincts know. Keep your purse shut from the 23rd-26th. A better deal comes through from the 27th-30th. On the 29th, a friend shows you something you never saw before. On the 30th, you wish they hadn’t bothered.

Meet the demands of your busy life with a sense of adventure and expectation for the first week of April. From the 7th-11th, relationship challenges teach you a lot about how you sound to others. Trust a friend’s guidance from the 19th-22nd, especially in relationship matters. From the 23rd-30th, it’s a wild world. Focus on the best outcome and all will be well.

Challenge the status quo from the 1st-5th. You have a talent for seeing the alternative. It may take others a while to catch up. Excellence is appreciated and possibly rewarded from the 7th-9th. Research into beauty secrets takes you to interesting places after the 11th. This is especially exciting from the 22nd-30th. Information isn’t useful until it combines with understanding. See what you can do.

From the 1st-5th, what you have to say is important. This is clear from the 7th-10th. Begin a new study or a promotion from the 17th. Heads turn to catch your pearls of wisdom from the 21st-23rd, but someone challenges your right to all the attention from the 23rd-26th. You come through with flying colours around the 28th. Love is and isn’t everything on the 30th.

You feel a rattling of the cage of your domestic scene. Time to move or renovate. Ride the waves of uncontrollable, shifting sands in your relationship and do what you will from the 6th. Frustrated desire from the 23rd-27th is easily translated into exciting wall colours or even a new address from the 28th.

You are at your champion-of-justice best on the 2nd. After the 6th comes a busy time, so make sure you eat well, exercise and get enough sleep. Communication is key to an effective relationship around the 8th. If it’s not working, seek a third person to help after the 17th. Listen to your partner’s invitation to deeper intimacy on the 21st. It’s your time to shine on the 30th.

If you want fun, throw yourself into it, starting on the 6th. Just remember the piper will always get paid. Focusing on responsibility on the 8th, 9th and 21st helps ground the romantic risk-taking energy surrounding you. Thwarted passion sticks in your craw from the 23rd-29th. It’s a story with a happy ending as long as you resist your addictions and let nature take her course.

Your visionary tendency to see the world from a creative perspective has never been stronger, and you are intelligent about how you share that with others. Nonetheless, tension mounts from the 23rd. Resolution comes when you realize that, although your vision is amazing, it cannot dismiss the past. People and things that have gone before must be included.

Sweep out dust bunnies, organize files and discard old receipts until the 17th. If the moon hits your eye on the 19th, open your heart to let it in. Love comes at the oddest hours in the strangest ways. Losing your keys or a crucial phone number is possible from the 23rd-26th. Laugh at the ways of the universe. Find everything on the 28th. Rejoice in life itself on the 29th.

Relationship commitment has you in its sights, and the chances of financial chaos are high after the 6th. Spend what you must, save what you can and know that disorder in one area doesn’t have to mean problems in another. Talk intelligently about your needs and interests with your partner on the 8th, 9th and 21st. You will be heard. Have fun and spend wisely from the 23rd-30th.

You are blessed in the most unusual ways. Only you know what they are. Count and give thanks for them. Cut loose after the 6th and use those blessings to create the life you want. Obstacles fall by the wayside around the 9th. Possibilities are released from the 19th-23rd; irritants arise after that. Give them just enough attention to achieve your goals.

  ?Julie Simmons