Top 5 Moments From the Premiere of I Am Cait in GIFs

Introducing Caitlyn to the Jenner family was an intimate, humorous, and often emotional ride in the first episode of her new documentary series


1) Esther Jenner Lays Down A Bible Verse
When Caitlyn brings in gender diversity expert Susan Landon to answer her family’s questions about her transition, Mama Jenner throws down some Deuterononmy 22:5 realness. Asked about her interpretation of the verse that states men shall not wear women’s clothing, Landon explains that while she’s not a biblical expert, Caitlyn has always been a woman wearing woman’s clothes. #Truth


2) Kanye Gets F*cking Real
Kim and Kanye pop by Caitlyn’s home in the Malibu hills to pay a visit and discuss Kanye’s most recent trendsetting endeavour: untied shoelaces. But the most touching moment comes when West acknowledges the greater discussion that Jenner’s creating in popular culture—despite being in the public eye and having a successful family that could be affected by the publicity, he applauds her for coming out and proclaiming “F-ck everybody, this is who I am.”


3) Caitlyn vs. Kris
While going through her closet, Caitlyn shows Kim one of her favourite black dresses from Tom Ford, only to discover that Kim’s mom has the exact. same. one. In brown 😧. In true KUWTK fashion, Kim concocts a plan to trick Kris into wearing the dress so that her and Caitlyn can have a surprise Who Wore It Better face-off.


4) 1 Woman, 3 Vehicles
Wanting to visit the family of a transgender teen who recently committed suicide, we witness Jenner’s method of escaping photographers when leaving her VERY isolated home in the Malibu hills (the remoteness is reinforced by half a dozen aerial shots of the house taken from what looks like 75 miles away with nothing else in sight.) The exhausting process involves three vehicles and requires her, for part of the trip, to be horizontal in the back of an industrial van to avoid being seen. All while essentially looking like an undercover spy in her all-black getup and gigantic sunglasses.

i am cait

5) All of the Tears
If you’ve gotten to the end of the episode without shedding any tears, Caitlyn’s mom has made it her job to ensure you can barely see the closing credits through the waterfall that’s about to spontaneously spurt out of your eye sockets. Esther reveals that she was never more proud of Caitlyn than when she won an Olympic medal in front of the world, and said “I thought I could never be prouder of him, but I was wrong…I am so proud of all the courage he has shown. I love him with all my heart and I certainly love her with all my heart.” Pass the tissues, please.

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