SATC's star continues to inspired our style

Last night I had the extreme privilege of attending a private screening of Sex And The City 2 at the Paris Theatre in New York City. Once I walked the red carpet, grabbed a bag of popcorn and chocolate (I’m a sucker for salty sweet), waited for Karlie Kloss, Brian Atwood, Cristian Siriano, and Olivia Palermo to settle into their seats – oh, and pinched myself – the fashion fiesta began.

It’s no surprise that this film (with a wardrobe budget rumoured to be over 10 million dollars) evokes some serious style envy. And – as we’ve always seen in the past with Carrie’s trademark looks – there are some major trends that are very likely to catch on for the summer. Here are my predictions on the top five:

#1: The Four Leaf Clover
Carrie wears a glittery four leaf clover charm around her neck in several key scenes. It will likely be the luckiest trend charm to emerge from the film.

#2: The Slit
The sexiest, most glamourous scenes are punctuated with daring slits in long flowing fabrics, not unlike the Valentino Couture gown SJP sported at the world premiere. Look for this red carpet style to trickle into the street.

#3: Long Hems
From skirts and nightgowns to gorgeous chiffon dresses, Carrie has seriously let her hem down. Once you see this slinky sexy style, I’m confident that you’ll be inspired to wear your looks long.

#4: The Little White Dress
The LWD is becoming just as important as the LBD, and Carrie’s opening scene in Halston Heritage guarantees that fact for a long time to come.

#5: Middle Eastern Flair
From turbans and drop-crotch pants to spice-inspired colours and elegant embellishments, the Middle East has a strong stamp in Carrie’s SATC2 wardrobe. Infuse your summer style with similarly cultured clothes.

And special mention goes out to the blush oversized menswear-inspired blazer that helps to keep Carrie covered in conservative Abu Dhabi. Fashion-forward gals will tap this up-and-coming trend.