TIFF Quotes: The Quips of “March”

Clooney casts says the darndest things! The most outrageous lines from the Ides of March press conference

TIFF 2011 Ides of March: Marisa Tomei

Photo by George Pimentel

TIFF 2011 Ides of March: Evan Rachel Wood

Photo by George Pimentel

TIFF 2011 Ides of March: George Clooney

Photo by George Pimentel

TIFF 2011 Ides of March: Ryan Gosling

Photo by George Pimentel

As Evan Rachel Wood said, “It really is a serious film.” But you’d never know it from the characteristic Clooney wisecracks exchanged during the press conference for the actor/director’s political thriller The Ides of March at TIFF on Friday. Try to match which wiseacre actor cracked which line.

1.   George Clooney
2.   Ryan Gosling
3.   Paul Giamatti
4.   Philip Seymour Hoffman

A)   “Watching him work was like watching a unicorn being born.”

B)   “You people are filthy up here [in Canada]. I think it’s time to blow the lid off.”

C)    “I’m so sick of the Oscar buzz. I’m just sick of it. I’m not going to get nominated, back off.”

D)   “I had some pictures of people in compromising positions, so that helped.”

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A) Ryan Gosling B) Paul Giamatti C) Philip Seymour Hoffman D) George Clooney

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