TIFF Best-Dressed Dude Of The Day: Ryan Gosling

The Canadian star wore the best shoes of the night

George Clooney  TIFF 2011

Photo by Keystone Press

Brad Pitt  TIFF 2011

Photo by George Pimentel

Ryan Gosling TIFF 2011

Photo by Keystone Press

Ryan Gosling TIFF 2011

Photo by Keystone Press

At any red carpet event, it’s usually the women who get all of the best-dressed attention. But for this year’s TIFF, we’re going to turn our eyes on the guys and award a Best-Dressed Dude of the Day.

Today’s pick is a toughie as three of Hollywood’s best-dressed guys, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling, threw their hats into the ring–Pitt at the premiere of Moneyball and Clooney and Gosling at The Ides of March. But the Gozzer, who arrived with his mom (awwww), outfoxed the film’s director, and perennial Best-Dressed Dude, Clooney to take the prize.

Gosling was just-casual-enough in a beige suit and white shirt, sans tie. But the detail that won the day were his shoes, which looked studded on first glance, but upon closer inspection were revealed to be printed with a dotted windowpane check. Double points for making us do a double take.

Tell us: Who do you think was TIFF’s best-dressed guy last night?

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