Your astrological guide to the coming year

Illustration by Stina Persson

Illustration by Stina Persson

Illustration by Stina Persson

Illustration by Stina Persson

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sagittarius (fire sign)
nov 22 – dec 21
You could find yourself saying “there’s no place like home” sooner than you think. With the recent whirlwind in your career, you now want to make your nesting plans more solid. That requires a support team back at the caravan, namely the folks and friends you call family. Strangely (for you), you may dust off some sort of domestic leaning and find it feeds your soul. That new interior colour scheme or backyard extension is a feng shui expression of a strong base from which to explore. Over the summer, you’ll get a clear picture of where you’re headed next, though it may take until 2011 to make it real.

capricorn (earth sign)
dec 22 – jan 19
Ready to realize those big ambitions? As the year begins, you’re tempted to take over the executive suite. True, it’s where you belong, but stick to the original plan and think long-term. In 2010, it’s patience and finesse (not your strong suits) that will give you the access code. Sitting down with the big players requires getting the proverbial wildfowl in a row. Using force will only make them flee. The fine art of schmoozing and gentle encouragement will move all relationships (including very close ones) in more promising directions. It’s an optimal year to reinvent your people skills. Once you do, you may easily find yourself fast-tracking toward your goals.

aquarius (air sign)
jan 20 – feb 18
Class is now in session. Your big lesson for the year: You don’t know it all. Lesson two: You don’t need to! Your key to reinvention this year is embracing new knowledge and insights—on and off the job. Fortunately, in the new school of life, you’ll have ample opportunity to do so. It might come in high-energy spurts that will open your mind, or you may choose to explore new directions with a life coach. If you need to get a degree or certification, this is the year to do it. School’s way out from June through August, when the planets ignite your fun house. If you’re still single, you could meet your perfect match on vacation or just outside the county line.

pisces (water sign)
feb 19 – mar 20
With Jupiter gracing your chameleon sign for most of the year, self-discovery is suddenly fun. Get out and show the true colours of your multifaceted new self. What others may call luck, you know to be highly honed intuition. By whatever name, it’s definitely on your side until June, and from September on, it’s off the charts! The only downside: too much of the good life can add a few pounds and subtract hours of beauty sleep. Don’t get too comfy—to make maximum use of this once-every-12-years opportunity, you’ll have to set clear goals.

aries (fire sign)
mar 21 – apr 19
Get some rest—you’re going to need it! By the time June rolls around, you’re in for one mad “Whip It”–like roller derby of a year. That’s when whoop-it-up Jupiter slams revolutionary Uranus into your sign, leaving you ready to cannonball into a new way of living, working and loving. The trick is to keep rolling with the inner lessons from last year and avoid taking any ridiculous financial or career risks. Fortunately, your guardian angel is working overtime through the fall, providing eleventh hour solutions and a few Band-Aids. You will mostly make your own luck in 2010. With so many opportunities to reinvent yourself, take time to size them up and seize the right ones.

taurus (earth sign)
apr 20 – may 20
Now exiting comfort zone! You realize that, as the Star Trek crowd says, “resistance is futile” when it comes to change. By being firmly anchored in the known, you’ve endured. But now it’s time to go boldly where no bull has gone before by embracing the unknown and reinventing yourself with abandon. Beam up the corporate ladder, date out of your league and shoot for the moon! It will be scary at first, but your friends remain your biggest boosters. And the aliens (all of the interesting people from other work or social galaxies) will prove friendly and may include someone who inspires a new life direction, with a possible romantic subplot over the summer months.

gemini (air sign)
may 21 – jun 20
This year, you can have it all on the job front. Although last year brought on a slew of airy-fairy promises that ended up fizzling out, throughout much of 2010, Jupiter, planetary godmother of sheer luck, works its magic on your professional life. Dress in your power suit and take all calls because it could happen overnight. And when the planet teams up with Uranus in June and September, it’s time to see if quantum leaps are possible while wearing stilettos. Keep your options open this year, reinvention-wise, and be ready to move. New doors fly open over the summer, so network when you’re not partying—you’re going to need some useful new contacts come fall.

cancer (water sign)
jun 21 – jul 22
This town ain’t big enough for the both of us! Don’t blame your partner or roommate—and force a showdown—when what you’re really after is elbow room of the mind. Expand your horizons this year because both who you know and what you know is important. Surprise everyone by taking a job that calls for being on the road, or hit the trail for Bora Bora. Create new neural pathways, less literally, by attending as many seminars, conferences and employee-training sessions as possible. Your key to reinvention in 2010 is to focus on the journey rather than the destination. Enjoy the trip because, by year-end, you may find you’ve furthered your aims more than you realized.

leo (fire sign)
jul 23 – aug 22
It’s good to be queen. January’s solar eclipse could see your star ascending at work, with a chance to add to your royal coffers. Throughout most of 2010, Jupiter will ensure even more money flows your way. Like Madonna, a fellow Lion, you assume living large is a royal right. But you can (and should) reinvent yourself this year by ruling the balance sheet with an eye to stability instead of grandeur. You’ll be strangely content with downscale chic, and casting off the corset of debt will set you free to pursue that dream job—or dreamboat.

virgo (earth sign)
aug 23 – sep 22
Tarot card readers say your card is The Hermit. Though you don’t necessarily live wild-eyed and alone in the bush, you do require a certain amount of solitude. But to do the most good in 2010, you will be challenged to spend more time out of the bat cave. On cue, a parade of new people will appear handing you all-access passes. Some will become friends, and others colleagues, but more than one will turn into a trusty sidekick—especially when it comes to a career move. You can reinvent yourself this year by showing what an astonishingly effective team player you can be. Bonus round: Jupiter is handing you a once-in-12-years chance to fulfill your secret longing for a life companion.

libra (air sign)
sep 23 – oct 22
Expect a fast-paced year at work, as Jupiter helps you land a busload of new assignments with an entire cheering squad on your side. Just don’t try to fill every seat—not all that comes your way will be worthy of your talent. There is a limit to the energy you now have, especially over the summer months. Meanwhile, you’re secretly reinventing yourself along more serious lines. With Saturn in your sign, you’ll be groomed for some big plays to come. It could be in the literal form of a superior who demands results, or you may develop a tough-talking inner voice. Make discerning decisions about where you put your energy—on and off the professional field.

scorpio (water sign)
oct 23 – nov 21
Did you lose your mojo? People at work are trying to push a pin in your ego, leaving you with periods of unaccustomed doubt this year. That “stuck” feeling passes by March with the help of Mars and Jupiter as your lucky charms. Scorpios often think they invented reinvention, and that it involves some serious voodoo to pull off. In 2010, you’ll work your greatest magic when you tap into some of that creative energy. Mix it liberally with your talent for transformation and you will cast an unbeatable spell for success.