Are Celebs Actually Sending Hidden Message Through Their Insta Story Listens?

This is a case for the FBI

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd are pictured in front of a screenshot of an album cover

(Photos: Getty Images and @bellahadid)

Forget the finsta. The newest way for celebs to share and communicate their feels is through music. Or more specifically, screenshots of the songs they’re currently listening to. Reporting on The Weeknd’s latest musical release, a November 28 article by Elle pointed to some of the musician’s not-so-nice lyrics about ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid and his playboy ways since their split—and how Hadid might have sent her ex a pointed message via her Instagram stories in response. In his newest song, “Heartless,” the Toronto-born artist croons “I’ve been runnin’ through the pussy, need a dog pound /Hundred models gettin’ faded in the compound.” Later in the song, seemingly referencing his on-and-off relationship with Hadid, the singer sings: “You just came back in my life / You never gave up on me (Why don’t you?) / I’ll never know what you see (Why won’t you?)/ I don’t do well when alone (Oh yeah)/ You hear it clear in my tone.”

And Hadid’s response? Well, officially nothing…but unofficially, she may be speaking volumes. Shortly after The Weeknd’s newest song was released on November 27, Hadid took to Insta to share a new story with her fans, posting a screenshot of what we can only assume she was currently listening to—”The Less I Know the Better” by Tame Impala.” According to Elle, “[this] could imply that [Hadid] isn’t here for his lyrics.” Which TBH sounds like a reach…or does it? Hadid is far from the first celeb to post her current ear jams during a time of intense scrutiny, and we have to ask: are celebs *actually* trying to communicate with us via their current listens? And if so, what are they saying? Let’s investigate.

When Hailey Bieber maybe-probably told Selena Gomez to back off

Oh man, who remembers this? Because the world can’t leave well enough alone and has to *always* lump former flames Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber together, it was inevitable that with the release of Gomez’s new music, much of which is assumed to be about her relationship with Bieber—all eyes would be on Bieber’s current wife Hailey Bieber. So, fans were shocked to see that shortly after the October 23 release of Gomez’s song “Lose You To Love Me,” Mrs. Bieber shared an Insta story of Summer Walker’s song “I’ll Kill You.”

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Assuming that Mrs. Bieber did, in fact, want to kill Gomez for revealing intimate deets about her on-and-off relationship with the Biebs, the internet went berserk.

First of all, this song is 100% a bop. And secondly, it’s essentially about being ride or die for your partner (like, you’d go to jail for them), with the chorus repeating “I been waiting so long for a love like this.” The song also contains lyrics like ” You don’t want no problems, I wish a bitch would/Tryna come between us, it won’t end up good/You know I love you like no one else could/I’d go to hell and back for you.” Which, TBQH, kind of sounds like the Bieber’s relationship?

Hear me out. Mrs. Bieber (neé Baldwin) has been legit *obsessed* with the Biebs since they were both tweens, even tweeting about him and his relationship with Gomez all the way back in 2012. She also just recently posted a Thanksgiving-related Instagram calling her hubby “the love of my life.”

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thankful for the love of my life

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Sounds like she’s been waiting “so long” (or at least since 2012) for this specific love. And, there’s no doubting that Mrs. Bieber is 100% ride or die for her hubby, frequently standing up for him (and some of his more questionable decisions) on social media. But, while the whole line about having “a bitch come between us” could seem super suspect and a timely reference to Gomez, the song is actually more about warning a partner against stepping out on a relationship, with the threat of violence aimed at the romantic partner themselves. It’s also important to note for all the Gomez stans that, despite the title, the phrase “I’ll kill you” never actually shows up in the actual song.

So, was Mrs. Bieber threatening to legit kill Gomez? The model herself has denied it and I’m pretty keen to believe her. Especially because Hails seems pretty happy to bury the (non-existent) hatchet between the two ladies, even going so far as to like BTS videos from Gomez’s recent AMAs look. But, that’s not to say that her share wasn’t a thinly veiled warning to her husband about stepping out on her like he did on Gomez, dating and then proposing to his current wife only two months after he and the actress split in March 2018.

When Bella Hadid seemingly told The Weeknd to STFU

Shortly after The Weeknd (a.k.a. Abel Tesfaye) released his latest tell-all song on November 27, Hadid allegedly turned to Tame Impala to air her feelings, posting a screenshot of their hit 2015 song “The Less I Know the Better.”

(Photo: Instagram/@bellahadid)

Considering the fact that Hadid’s former flame had just released a song in which he sings about sleeping with tons of models and pretty much says that they’re useless once he sleeps with them (which, ugh, rude), it wouldn’t be surprising if the model was using the song title quite literally—as in Abel, STFU, I don’t want to know. In the case of most relationships that have ended, the title would be applicable; the less you know about your former partner and their current sexual escapades, probably is the better. But, it’s important to remember that Hadid has *a lot* going on in her life that this could be referring to. Maybe she was talking about her sister’s own relationship with former Bachelorette contestant Tyler C. As a low-key Bach fan who’s rooting for Tyler and Hannah to get back together, maybe Hadid doesn’t want to know about Gigi Hadid’s relationship status with the Florida dude. Or perhaps, with the November 28 announcement that Mohamed Hadid’s company has filed for bankruptcy, she was referring to her father’s impending filing and financial status? The girl has a busy and complicated life.

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The song *is* about unrequited love, and a protagonist who realizes too late that his former flame is the love of his life, so perhaps Hadid is hinting that’s the realization Tesfaye will inevitably come to? So much to consider!

When Khloé and Kim Kardashian low-key called Jordyn Woods a home-wrecker

While they didn’t share a photo of their current listens, like everything the Kardashians do in life, Kim and Khloé went above and beyond when it came to relaying a message via music. In February 2019, shortly after news broke that Khloé’s then-BF and baby daddy Tristan Thompson had cheated on her with family friend Jordyn Woods, Khloé and the krew got the hell out of Calabasas for a much-needed girls’ trip. And because every good girls’ trip needs tunes (and a grapefruit, if the movie by the same name is anything to go off of), Khloé, Kim and BFF Malika Haqq made sure there were beats blasting—but not just any beats. In a series of Insta stories shared to to Kim’s account, the trio were seen and heard singing along to some very *suspect* songs in the car, including Brandy’s “Who Is She 2 U” and Nivea’s “Don’t Mess with My Man.” So, what could this possibly mean?

Actually Kris, this may be one instance when the FBI can actually rest, because it’s *pretty* clear what the girls were getting at—that the rumours about Woods and Thompson were true and Jordy needed to back off the Kardashian’s man. Quick q: Are there seriously like only three men living in Calabasas rn? You would think so from the dating pool.

Kim and Khloé’s obvious shade was addressed and confirmed in a July episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians when Kylie Jenner was shown tearfully calling Kim on the road trip and asking her to stop bullying Woods. “I feel like if you wanna call her, yell at her, do whatever you want, or let’s all talk in person, but I just feel like the singing and the internet stuff, it’s just not okay,” Kylie told Kim in the episode.

So yeah, the Insta story didn’t lie.

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So, are celebs actually using their music-related Instagram stories to communicate their bottled up feelings? Yes and no. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these celebs have chosen to post in times of intense public scrutiny, but perhaps we’re just misinterpreting exactly who the messages are for and what they really mean. Maybe Mrs. Bieber was actually siding with Gomez, and giving her own lover a warning. Perhaps Hadid’s post was a reference to her dad’s financial woes. Or maybe, they just wanted to share an absolute banger with their fans. Someone check their finstas for the real deets.