The Top Five Moments Of The 2012 MTV Movie Awards

The Hunger Games wins big, Emma Stone is a Trailblazer, and more!

Photo Courtesy of Keystone Press

Photo Courtesy of Keystone Press

Photo Courtesy of Keystone Press

Last night the stars were aligned, and by that we mean all the biggest movie and music stars were in attendance at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards (hosted by Russell Brand). From The Hunger Games cleaning house to faux Emma Stone bashing and an awkward Kristen Stewart, the night proved to be an entire performance of its own. Here are the top five moments:

1. The Hunger Games won the most amount of popcorn-shaped trophies last night, with the film winning best fight and best on-screen transformation (Elizabeth Banks as Effie!), as well as best male performance and female performance by the film’s leading duo Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.

2. Actress Emma Stone won the newly created Trailblazer Award, honouring her unique and distinct acting style. Stone was presented with a montage of stars she has worked with in the past (who jokingly began to bash her). Our favourite was Anna Faris, who, among other punchy things, said: “Emma Stone is why I hate women.”

3. Johnny Depp not only won the Generation Award last night, but also decided to join The Black Keys onstage for a musical performance. The actor played guitar on the band’s track ‘Gold On The Ceiling,’ sporting a yellow guitar, a handful of necklaces, and Indiana Jones-esque hat. Can he be any cooler?

4. The Dark Knight Rises cast members Christian Bale, Gary Oldman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were on scene to deliver an exclusive sneak preview of the much-anticipated film. Joined by director Christopher Nolan, the preview showed us new footage of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, the evil villain Bane, and general high-tech vehicle awesomeness.

5. No surprise here–thanks to Twilight diehards, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson won the Best Kiss Award last night (for the fourth year in a row). Unfortunately Pattinson wasn’t there last night, which left Stewart to awkwardly turn around and make out with herself on stage. “Rob’s not here you guys. I don’t really know what to do,” Stewart said. “How about Charlize [Theron]? Come on… Come help me out, girl.” – Christian Allaire

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