The Next Big Thing: Like Crazy

Like Crazy could be the next big romance.

Photo Courtesy of Paramount Vantage

Put on your waterproof mascara and get your tissues ready because we have a feeling that Like Crazy could be the next big heartwrenching romance.
Like Crazy stars Anton Yelchin as Jacob, an American who falls in love with a British exchange student played by Felicity Jones. The film follows the couple as they fall in love and then get torn apart when Anna (Jones) overstays her visa and has to return to London. The film looks at the difficulties of long-distance relationships and follows the couple over many years.
This movie could be the next The Notebook, but with one major difference: the critics actually like it. Like Crazy won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Picture and the Special Jury Prize for Best Actress at Sundance this year. With a stop at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, more accolades could be on the way.
Awards aside, this film is guaranteed to produce plenty of swoon-worthy romance. It opens October 28.

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Watch Now: Like Crazy movie trailer. – Regan Reid