The "It Gets Better" Project Canada

Arren Williams and Tommy Smythe team up to bring a message of hope to gay teens in Canada 

The “It Gets Better” viral video campaign was created to bring a message of hope to gay teens.  Celebrities, fashion designers, athletes, even the president have weighed in on the issue and now Canadians are getting on board. Arren Williams and Tommy Smythe are working together, along with a team of high profile Canadians including political satirist Rick Mercer, fashion designer Joeffer Caoc and politician George Smitherman in an inspirational video to empower LGBT youth. It will premiere November 2, at the Carlu in Toronto from 5 to 7 pm and all proceeds raised will go to the LGBT Youthline. If you can’t make it, watch all the videos on the “It Gets Better” YouTube channel, you can even submit your own video to show support.  –Kayla Chobotiuk