The Hottest Guys of the World Cup: Monday, June 16

Two smoking reasons to watch Germany versus Portugal today

ronaldo Mario Gotze.

Portugal When people say “hot soccer player,” they’re no doubt thinking of Cristiano Ronaldo, 29. (Though, to be fair, when they say “douche-y stud,” they’re probably thinking of him too). For today, however, we’ll put all diva concerns aside and contemplate his impeccable abs, flawless jawline, and status as the league’s highest paid player.

How’s that for a triple threat?

Ronaldo, who has hooked up with a bevy of Hollywood hotties, famously appeared nude on the cover of Vogue Spain. We should mention, however, that he was concealed largely by his Russian supermodel g-f Irina Shayk.

We’ve got a sweet spot for Mario Gotze. The 22-year-old may not have the Euro-sex-master vibe of Ronaldo, but he does have the dreamy, hangdog look of a boy-bander from way back, long before they became walking tattoo parlours à la One Direction.

The sweet-faced young gun may not be able to carry a tune (as far as we know, anyway) but his athletic talent is undisputed. He made his team debut at 18 and holds a number of “youngest” records.


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