The GAP's Goodies

The GAP’s Goodies

Why did you want to contribute to the collection?
Anything I can create that adds substance, causes change, and affects people lives for the better is the least I can do.

Fill in the blanks.

Every one of my designs, no matter what the label it’s for, has the following characteristics…
Self-confidence, daring, radical strength and new kind of femininity.

If I was going to attempt any other profession, other than my own, I would be…
An architect. Or a car designer.

I plan to spend the holidays going…
Skiing—I hear Whistler has excellent hills!

What’s your spring ‘08 must have?
The new sling-back. It’s sharp, monochromatic and a wardrobe staple.

Why are women so obsessed with shoes?
I have a theory. Women are capricious beings and more so than clothes, I think women’s shoes act like makeup or a new hair do in that they have to be changed up or refreshed constantly. A woman’s shoes have to be clean, shiny, impeccable and fit the outfit that changes daily. So women’s want of new shoes comes from a need to feel fresh and new…like makeup. Plus, accessories and shopping add a bit of fantasy to women’s lives and a fantasy, by definition, can’t ever be fulfilled.

Pierre Hardy sling-backs