Meet the London-based electro-rock duo

Don’t let their name scare you off—this London-based electro-rock duo has plenty to offer your eardrums. With irresistible hits like the chart climber “Dominos” and a bevy of emotionally charged beats in their repertoire, your iPod is begging for A Brief History Of Love, the band’s lastest offering.

We recently caught up with Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell to find out what goes into The Big Pink’s big sound:

FLARE.com: Do you have to be in a certain mood to make a certain kind of music?

Robbie: The way we write music is that we get together in the studio and the way we’re feeling at that time transcends. I wouldn’t go to Milo with my acoustic guitar and say, ‘I’ve got the basis to this song’—we go into the studio and create a big wall of noise and sort of chip away at it until it starts resembling a track.

Milo: If you’re upset or happy, it comes across almost immediately. It comes out through what you hit on the keyboard or the guitar.

Robbie: It’s the most honest way of writing music, I think. What’s more interesting about the way we work is the sentiment that we start with, will stay right until we dot the “I” and cross the “T” at the end of the process. Imagine how false some songs are? Say somebody writes a chord structure with a drumming friend in some rehearsal room and they write the whole song, and then they go away, and then they have to come back and write lyrics to that song? That means that those two things are completed disconnected. That’s a weird concept for me. Then you’re lying—there’s no relationship between the music [and the lyrics].

FLARE.com: So for you, most often do the lyrics serve as the foundation or does the music?

Milo: It can go either way. The foundation can come from anything, like a movie that we’re watching or a photograph even—we’ve written songs out of a photograph. It can come from anywhere that’s powerful.

Robbie: We love film, and we love soundtracks to movies. Milo and I want to get into putting music to motion picture, because it’s so important. Our hope with The Big Pink is that when you listen to it, you do get a visual. I think maybe if you’re talking about us creating a mood, I think that’s because we have a visual in our heads before we make the music.

FLARE.com: Well more and more with bands, it is about a visual and an aesthetic, from the album cover to on-stage fashion…

Milo: I think people who say, ‘It’s all about the music’, have got it completely wrong. Because it’s not just about the music, it’s about everything that goes along with it.

Robbie: Well, people who say that have obviously never heard of David Bowie.