The Bachelorette Index, by Sharleen Joynt

The former Bachelor contestant shares her top picks for Andi

Andi Dorfman And Candy Spelling On "Extra"

Watching episode two made it clear what a formula each season has. Eric and Chris are this season’s Clare and Kat, and they will certainly go far. Craig is this season’s Victoria, the second episode’s drunken mess; no apologetic gesture—no matter how grand—would have been enough to save him.

Kelly and I flew to L.A. for that hilarious group date and it was really interesting to get a brief taste of the other side. Andi is a great sport; It’s a very cool but very exhausting position to be in and she was glowing and alert and just seemed born for it.

The disconcerting near-professionalism of many guys’ stripping aside, I really believe this is a great group. It’s a good mix of entertainment and sincerity.

My top picks this week are:

1. Chris, 32: Chris has catapulted to the top of my list after I named him a potential dark horse last week. His one-on-one went so well that I’m confident he’ll be in the Final Four. I’m amazed at how he’s able to gush about Andi and say cliché things like, “I’m here for the right reasons” and come off 100% authentic.

2. Marcus, 25: Marcus is still secure at the top of my list. He had the unenviable position of having a solo strip number and not only pulled it off, but did so while being both self-deprecating and sexy. (Not an easy combination.) At the event in L.A., Andi told Kelly and me that she had her eye on him and it’s easy to see why.

3. Nick V, 33: Despite not getting a lot of time this week, Nick V is still one to watch. I loved the “date card” he presented Andi with at the rose ceremony and their conversation was truly real: “This is totally fourth date material, but a) what are you looking for, and b) what do you think you haven’t found?” THANK YOU, Nick, for making the most of your fleeting one-on-one time but being fully aware this is fourth date talk and not pre-first date talk. And those are good questions; so good that Andi had a hard time really answering them, which made me raise my eyebrows.

4. Eric, 31: It’s typical that the one-on-one recipients who get roses become automatic frontrunners, but with Eric we all know he doesn’t win. It was very difficult watching him talk about his plans for marriage and children knowing what would happen not far down the road. That said, with the stories he told and the way he confessed to not having been ready for marriage up until recently, he was a total breath of fresh air.

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