The Bachelorette Index by Sharleen Joynt: Episode 3

Sharleen Joynt ranks her four favourite contestants from this week’s Bachelorette

The guys keep growing on me each week and I don’t say that every season. I think casting rounded up a great selection of guys with that “it” factor, or that star power. They’re also decent matches for Andi – the fact that there are several front-runners says something.

This was one of the funniest episodes this series has delivered in a long time. The Boyz II Men date was the gift that kept on giving, and it gave us a real glimpse into the guys’ personalities and their ability to laugh at themselves.

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My front-runners of the week are:

Nick V

1. Nick, 33: His one-on-one was full of real conversation and palpable chemistry. I like Nick a LOT; He’s blatantly skeptical yet somehow open-minded. I see a lot of myself in Nick and find myself agreeing with just about everything he says. NICK FTW.


2. Josh, 29: Josh the Jock has been a slow burn for me but his ability to make fun of himself raises his stock. Above all, he’s gotten solid make-out time with Andi despite no one-on-one date, which says a lot about her attraction to him.


3. Marcus, 25: It’s was cute to watch Marcus grow a bit possessive this week. You can tell that he’s starting to fall for Andi but that it’s in spite of himself. He’s quiet and has a poker face, so watching him show a few cracks in the veneer is both endearing and great television.


4. Chris, 32: Post last week’s one-on-one Chris may have gotten almost no air time, but he’s not going anywhere. Their date went ridiculously smoothly and Chris is likable, a consummate gentleman, and drama-free. I still maintain he’ll be in the Final Four.

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