The Bachelorette Index by Sharleen Joynt: Episode 6

The smart, sexy opera singer from Ottawa ranks her four favourite contestants from this week’s episode

What an emotional roller coaster! I was exhausted just watching. Nick’s masquerade-themed one-on-one was ridiculous yet romantic. The lie detector test furthered the trend of highly entertaining group dates. Meanwhile, poor Cody’s rejection was so painful I won’t even make fun of him.

It’s obvious at this point who the front-runners are—they really are pulling away from the pack—so now what matters is the order…

Nick V
1. Nick, 33: Despite his massive faux-pas of stealing Andi first on a Rose Ceremony night—when he already had a rose—I still don’t think Nick deserves the flack he’s receiving. His early apprehension in contrast with his current unabashed confidence makes for great television: their relationship is very compelling and real.

2. Marcus, 25: Marcus consistently hovers in the “just right” category. He’s very likable, quietly confident, and seems to harbour genuine feelings for Andi. I still think it’s too early for him to be pulling out the L-word full-stop but their relationship has a nice pace to it; they always take a solid step forward each week. It never suddenly turns sour or comes to a standstill. Plus, he’s ever-present in each episode yet drama-free, which is not an easy combination.

3. Josh, 29: It was Josh’s turn with shaky footing this week when he made the group date activity all about him—as if a lie detector test was really Andi’s idea—and took it way too personally and seriously. I don’t love the combative side that Josh and Andi bring out in each other; it seems a bit early to be that comfortable arguing. At the same time, he’s been a front-runner from day one. These two share a ton of chemistry.

4. Chris, 30: Chris showed a bit of backbone this week which made him both more likable and attractive. I think the “secret admirer” gimmick was totally over-discussed and not at all interesting, but it’s almost endearing how focused on it he was throughout the episode. Chris comes off likable and has a je-ne-sais-quoi about him, but seeing as the other three are so far ahead in their respective relationships, I’m doubting his chemistry with Andi and their long-term potential.

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