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Sharleen Joynt—who appeared in Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor—ranks her four favourite contestants from this week’s Bachelorette

Is it just me or are the folks developing the group date ideas knocking it out of the park this season? The mime-themed date was almost as hysterical as the Boyz II Men one from two weeks ago.

Perhaps the best thing about this episode was that it was Marquel’s time to shine, even if it wasn’t under the best circumstances. He addressed what has been an elephant in the Bachelor mansion since the franchise’s inception: race. And he did it with composure and eloquence. #MarquelForBachelor, anyone?

My front-runners of the week are:

1. Josh, 29: Josh had to wait for his one-on-one but it was well worth it. The date was devoid of stunts and just allowed them to be tourists together. That’s the sort of one-on-one you hope for. Their chemistry is through the roof and you can tell Andi is falling for him. Hard.

2. Nick, 33: Nick fell one spot this week because he became the unlucky subject of negative attention. The guys mistook his confidence for cockiness and it’s hard to recover from being ratted out. But you can see Andi is not only attracted to Nick but also respects him. Despite his shaky footing this week, I’m still staunchly pro-Nick.

3. Marcus, 25: Poor Marcus continues to jump through humiliation hoops every week but always manages to do so with humour and hotness intact. He mimed with gusto and confessed he’s falling in love with Andi—never mind that I think it’s a bit soon for that. I’d say a hometown date is in his future.

4. JJ, 30: JJ really rose to the occasion on this week’s group date. He delivered as a mime and basically carved out a mini one-on-one on the Ferris wheel. Above all, he scored the rose on a group date with some seriously strong players. I like that he quietly (ha!) and creatively reminds Andi of their bond when the time is right, but is never aggressive about it.

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The Bachelorette airs Mondays on City.

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