The Bachelorette, Episode 10: The Most Memorable Moments

Sharleen Joynt, the smart, sexy opera singer and former Bachelor 18 contestant ranks the most memorable moments from this week’s “Men Tell All” episode

Sharleen Joynt, opera Opera singer and former Bachelor 18 contestant

Sharleen Joynt, opera singer and former Bachelor 18 contestant

The Tell All episode is always my favourite. Watching the girls’ or guys’ reactions after they’ve seen themselves on TV, along with the rest of us, is fascinating. The mood is lighter and less contrived than in other episodes, so you can finally get a feel for the social dynamics and cliques, and see who seeks the camera time they weren’t granted during the season.

As I can’t rank frontrunners this week, I’ll rank my most memorable moments:

3. Andrew’s allegedly racist comment
Of course Andrew is going to deny using a racist term at the first Rose Ceremony. I’m not siding with him, but no one’s mind is at its clearest by the time that Rose Ceremony gets started after 10-plus hours of filming and drinking. (I was delirious by that time on our first night.) Yes, Andrew’s case was hampered by the fact that he called Marquel “Ron,” but I’ve got to say, having been on a Women Tell All episode, that it’s VERY nerve-wracking. It’s all too easy for your mind to go completely blank. Case in point: JJ’s ill-timed, stuttery attempt to defend himself when it was Marquel’s turn in the hot seat. Watching the whole exchange, I could just feel their nerves. That said, Marquel was collected and eloquent throughout.

 2. Chris’s fan-turned-speed-date
This awkward moment, when an audience member interrupted Chris for an impromptu speed-date, was cringe-worthy from beginning to end. Whether or not it was planned in advance (in this case, I actually doubt it was), the girl’s odd behavior was painful to watch. If you’re going to do something overtly extroverted like what she did—planned or not—don’t then act all shy and demure when the spotlight is focused on you. Honestly, I was embarrassed when she turned out to be Canadian. Chris handled it like a gentleman, though, securing his likely position as the future Bachelor.

1. Those lie detector test results!
Pure entertainment. We got a taste of Dylan’s fantastic sense of humor when he was revealed to be not ready for marriage, and when he quipped, “This sucks.” Also, at 25 with a number of at least 20, Marcus is hardly as green as he came off on the show. Amazingly, when given the option of knowing Josh’s two lies, Andi managed to resist. That is, with the help of suddenly holier-than-thou Brian, who in general had a lot to say. I don’t think I’d have been as strong as Andi. Good for her.

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