The Bachelorette Index, by Sharleen Joynt

The smart, sexy opera singer shares her take on the final two

Fantasy Suite week came and went with surprisingly few tears. I know people were horrified that Andi gave up a catch like Chris, but I don’t see it like that. I’m not saying Chris isn’t a catch, but honestly, farm life isn’t for everyone—and certainly not for the typically gregarious sort that applies for this show. And Andi hardly threw him away. It always irks me how people rank the contestants as though they’re all interchangeable; as if one’s pros outweighing another’s naturally makes him a better match for the lead. She either feels it or she doesn’t, and in Chris’ case, well…

We’re down to two and I’m REALLY torn. If you haven’t read Chris Harrison’s blog on Episode 9, I highly recommend it. I agree with him on all salient points but it doesn’t help me narrow down who I think will be the last man standing.

Since this is my column and I can do whatever I want :), I’ll sum up my predictions as whom I think Andi SHOULD pick, versus whom she WILL pick. As I said, I firmly believe these guys aren’t interchangeable. She’ll pick who she likes best, simple as that. And that’s how it should be.

As for my two cents…

Nick V

This should surprise nobody. I’ve championed Nick since the first episode and my appreciation for him has grown to comical proportions. I think Nick brings out a softer and more mature side of Andi, and as Chris Harrison points out, he challenges her. Their chemistry is through the roof and, as Andi put it, there’s something adult about their relationship. They truly seem like they could talk through any issues between them.


I honestly think it’s win-win because I do like Josh a lot. He’s affable, charismatic, and very caring towards Andi. No one could say they’re not well-matched. They have a noticeable ease between them, like they’ve known each other for years. The cherry on top is that they already live in the same city. Logistics matter, and the ability to see each other freely—without tough conversations about who should pick up and move to a different state—could substantially increase their chances of lasting. My only wish is that Andi would emphasize her “mental connection” with Josh the way she does with Nick. Nonetheless, she and Josh are clearly very compatible.

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