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The smart, sexy opera singer shares her take on the final three

Things always get very real in hometown week. Watching how emotional the guys became to see their loved ones again reminded me vividly of just how homesick I was in my final weeks of filming. We underestimate the comfort of our loved ones until it’s no longer an option to confide in them. Add to this the raw reactions of Andi and the final four to Eric Hill’s death—something I thought was difficult to watch but a respectful move on the show’s part—and episode 8 is easily the most emotional episode this season.

I really felt for Andi on many levels this week. I personally do believe it’s possible to love more than one person at once and, most of the time, one of the main things preventing that is circumstance. So imagine a circumstance dedicated to meeting and liking numerous attractive candidates and having your feelings for one another accelerated by a time and environmental warp. While in the beginning her position seems like an enviable one, I think it’s way harder than it looks—and whoa, did this week look difficult.

My frontrunners, in order:


1. Josh, 29: It’s almost eerie how seamlessly Andi fits into his family. They’re like-minded, athletic and generally seemed to be themselves around Andi—and she with them. I was a bit distracted by how much Andi looks like the fourth sibling of the Murray clan, but got over it quickly: Andi cares for Josh a lot, in the ways that matter. She was steadfastly supportive of him despite all the attention his brother was receiving. What I liked so much about this date was that it exposed Andi’s softer, less confrontational, more supportive and womanly side, which up until now I mostly only saw when she was with Nick. This was a HUGE deal for me and solidified Josh as my top frontrunner this week.


Nick V

2. Nick, 33: Nick’s hometown date was probably my favourite in terms of activity and ease. These two are so comfortable and effortless together it’s as though they’ve been dating for years. The evening portion was intense just due to the sheer size of his family. But Andi took it like a champ, wowing all of America with her very impressive name recall.

Going home next week:


3. Chris, 32: Don’t get me wrong, I like Chris and Andi together and I think their hometown date went swimmingly. But the real concept of Andi up and moving to a farm in Iowa was seriously glossed over. Yes, it was mildly addressed when they discussed her career options and Andi spoke to Chris’ entertaining city-girl-turned-country-girl mother. But it seemed like the bare minimum considering what a huge social and professional sacrifice it would be for Andi. These two just don’t have the chemistry or cerebral connection (yes, I said it) necessary for that move to even be a consideration.

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