Could Ellen Finally Give Us the Tessa and Scott Confirmation We've Been Waiting For?

Ellen, don't let us down!

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir wave to the audience after their fiery Moulin Rouge! performance.

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If you’ve ever watched Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir do their thang on the ice, you’ve probably been hit smack in the face by the duo’s insane chemistry. But despite literally everyone hoping for a love affair, the pair continue to shoot our fantasies down. Is it really just a close friendship, or are they totally trolling us and are in fact madly in love? Well, fellow truth-seeking Canucks, hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer for an answer because Virtue and Moir will appear on The Ellen Degeneres Show next week, as confirmed on Twitter by one of the show’s producers.

Unsurprisingly, Canadians collectively lost their freaking minds when the news broke.

Even the comedy Queen herself Tweeted about it

Call it denial, but we won’t rest until these lovebirds admit they are made for each other. And if anyone can get a truthful answer out of them, it’s our girl Ellen. Degeneres doesn’t shy away from a rumour (she called out Khloe Kardashian about Kylie’s pregnancy before it was even confirmed!), and she’s known for using her charisma and humour to influence guests into revealing the truth.

But getting the stone-faced athletes to admit to their hidden love may be beyond even her skillsdespite the best efforts of journalists everywhere, the duo has continued to deny that any sparks fly off the ice. “It’s hard to explain our relationship because we’ve gone through so much together. It’s so intense. It is so special,” Moir revealed to CTV News. “You can’t really compare it and it’s hard for people to understand it. But honestly, when we look at each other I think we’re just thankful.” *eye roll* Whatever you say, Scott.

The episode is set to air on March 20 at 4 p.m. EST on CTV and tbh, if someone wanted to make next Tuesday a national holiday so we can stay home to watch? Well, we wouldn’t be mad.