What Made Taylor Swift Tear Up? Watch Now!

Taylor Kaye of KISS 92.5 sits down with newly-minted pop star Taylor Swift to talk bullies, feminism, social media and more


After two hit singles and constant social media teasers, Taylor Swift’s much-anticipated, all-pop-no-country album, 1989, is released today. Taylor Kaye of KISS 92.5 sat down with Swift to talk about everything from how “Shake It Off” has become an anti-bullying anthem to what feminism means to her.

What did Kaye say to make Swift tear up? The singer talks “Shake It Off,” bullies and being herself:

Find out why Swift thinks feminism should be called “equalism” and how Emma Watson is helping the cause:

Swift reveals her social media addiction:

Security is no joke when you’re world famous. Swift on life under scrutiny and how she still maintains spontaneity:

What advice would Swift share with her 12-year-old self?