Why the Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over Swoki

Turns out it's not just us who are v. v. interested in Tay Tay's love life—the news of her latest romance blew up the Internet. Here are the funniest reactions to the coupling of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

It’s been less than 24 hours since The Sun dropped a celebrity bomb (and an A+ headline) on us: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are a thing. Calvin Harris is pissed, Taylor is silent and social media is lit. Here are the best online reactions to Swoki. Or is it Hiddleswift?

We’ve all seen the Met Gala Instagram video of Tom and Taylor busting a move, but where did it come from? It was posted by Carlos Souza, a Worldwide Brand Ambassador for Maison Valentino and a jewellery designer. (BTW, it is this video that has aroused Calvin Harris’s “suspicions” about the demise of the relationship.)


Is Lindsay trying to low-key throw shade? Go to bed, girl.



Is Tom just a ruse for Katy Perry to enact revenge on Taylor for “Bad Blood”?


Calvin Harris is all in his feelings (and has unfollowed Swift and her brother Adam, while both Taylor and Calvin have deleted their coupled-up Instagram photos).


The struggle is real.


Faster than WiFi at Starbucks.


This is why we can never put our phones down, not even for a minute. Stay vigilant, people.


Tom has a very, very enthusiastic online fanbase. There’s a “Tyra screaming at a Top Model contestant” level of passion here.


We were faking it THE WHOLE TIME.


Spencer Pratt is done with you too, Calvin.


We give this 4 crying/laughing face emojis.


How many puns can we squeeze out of this pairing?


Actually pretty sage advice, tho.


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