Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” vs. Mariah Carey’s “Shake It Off”!

Does T-Swift’s latest video stand up to Mimi’s sultry 2005 song of the same name?

Taylor SwiftYesterday, Taylor Swift announced the October drop date for her new album of ’80s pop–inspired tunes, 1989. She also released a dance-filled (some say cringe-inducing) video for her first single, “Shake It Off,” which lit up the Internet with love and loathing. Whether you adore or abhor the video, the real question is this: does it stand up to Mariah Carey’s 2005 video for her same-named single?  Here, Jillian Vieira, FLARE’s resident Swift apologist, and Michael Li Preti, our Mimi die-hard, debate.

Jillian: Say what you want about the Queen of Singles Dedicated to Her Exes, but at least T-Swift has a sense of humor about herself—an endearing quality so rare in this Insta-perfection-obsessed era. You can’t deny the appeal of her fresh optimism and wholehearted geekery (those moves look like they were choreographed by a terrible dancer who knows it). And, with all due respect to Ms. Mariah Carey (and I’ve got a lot—hello, “Heartbreaker”), Taylor’s hair and makeup game in her version of “Shake It Off” is ON.

Michael: Professional victim Taylor Swift manages to come back from the most successful album cycle of her career with a single about her haters. If she spent half as much time finessing her moves for the video as she did obsessing over her detractors, maybe it wouldn’t be such a disaster. Sorry, TayTay, but Mariah did “Shake It Off” first, better—and in a rose petal–filled bathtub. #HatersGonnaHateHateHateHateHate