3 Things Reese Witherspoon Should Do Instead Of Sweet Home Alabama 2

For the love of Bear The Bloodhound!

Reese Witherspoon

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Next in our ongoing series, “Please Stop Making Sequels To Movies,” we have some news out of the South. Okay, technically Josh Lucas and Reese Witherspoon are probably based in LA, but still: According to Lucas, they’re both  down for a second instalment of the beloved 2005 rom com, Sweet Home Alabama. Now, we object to this for all the usual reasons we object to sequels: it was a thing of its time, the movie was perfect as it was, there were literally no loose ends to be tied up anyway, leave us our memories for Bear the Bloodhound’s sake. But in this case, there’s another layer. In the midst of the glorious Resurgence of Reese Witherspoon, we’d much rather see her channel her energy into telling new stories than rehashing old ones that frankly have nothing more to say (yes, this also applies to you, Legally Blonde 3).

Of course, Reese already has plenty on her plate. Her Hello Sunshine production company has a full slate of v. exciting projects on the way, including, but not limited to: A White Lie, a co-production with Zendaya in which the Superman star will play Anita Hemmings, who passed as white in order to become the first WOC to attend Vassar College; Are You Sleeping, which is about our obsession with true crime podcasts and will star Octavia Spencer; and Little Fires Everywhere, a limited series adaptation of the excellent Celeste Ng novel that’s set to star Kerry Washington and Reese herself. There’s also a book coming from Witherspoon this fall called Whiskey In A Teacup, which we assume is about how to drink a lot, but in a classy way. (Okay, it’s actually part memoir, part lifestyle book.) And let’s not forget, of course, the second season of Big Little Lies, which will shake us to our cores in 2019.

These are all worthy projects that we can’t wait to see come to our screens and Reese, if you’re reading this, it seems like you have *plenty* already to keep you busy. But if you’ve got a hole in your calendar that you need to fill, please, please, please don’t fill it with Sweet Home Alabama 2. Instead, may we humbly suggest a few dream projects we’d love to see you use your not-inconsiderable talents to make happen.

A biopic about “Little Miss Flint”

The city of Flint, Michigan had not had clean water for two years when Mari Copeny—who was eight, for the record—wrote a letter to President Obama asking him to meet with her about the city’s water crisis. Instead of inviting her to DC, the President came to see “Little Miss Flint” in her hometown, a move that helped bring national attention to the ongoing crisis. The now 10-year-old’s activism hasn’t stopped there: She’s the Women’s March youngest Youth Ambassador, she’s spoken out about climate change and led a drive to equip 1,000 Flint students with school supplies and backpacks. As for the water crisis, this April, the state stopped distributing free water bottles, saying the water quality had been restored, but some residents aren’t buying it.

A TV series based on the life of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

Look up inspirational in the dictionary, and you’ll likely find a photo of this 28-year-old political up-and-comer, who managed to win the Democratic primary in New York’s 14th congressional district with a comparatively small budget and a fairly radical platform that included universal healthcare and the shut down of ICE. Not only did this waitress-turned-politician defeat a long-standing Democratic incumbent, she stands to become the youngest woman ever elected to congress. Oh, and she also won in a neighbouring district as a write-in candidate AND caused a sell-out of the Stila red lipstick she was wearing on election night. Obviously this story is only in its early stages, so we’re seeing potential for two or three or 14 seasons (if she becomes president).

A duet album with Dolly Parton

Reese can sing (she won an Oscar for it in Walk The Line!), Dolly can definitely sing and the chemistry in this clip is undeniable. We’re tearing up just thinking about it.


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