Suzie McNeil

This homegrown ‘rockstar’ is up for trying anything… as long as it’s rock and roll

Style Setter: Suzie McNeil
This homegrown ‘rockstar’ is up for trying anything… as long as it’s rock and roll

After spending a year in L.A., recording her first album and then touring as a backup singer for Pink, the INXS Rockstar finalist is back in Toronto, performing on stage in the Queen rock opera, We Will Rock You. Flare caught up with Suzie before the show to talk about wishes coming true and authentic style.

Flare: :You’ve had quite the year! What has been the highlight?

Suzie McNeil: : It’s weird because at the beginning of the year I was on the beach in Dubai with a friend, talking about my dreams: I wanted to release a record and I wanted a boyfriend. Both of those things have happened for me. So that’s a hightlight!

F: What’s it like performing in a musical? How did you get involved in that?

SM:: I was living in LA, releasing album, when I got offered the part. I figured it would be a good chance to stop living out of a suitcase and see my family a bit more for a while. I have never been in a stage production, so I was pretty nervous, but the company is like my family now.

F: How does stage work differ from studio work?

SM:It’s kind of like Groundhog Day, doing the same thing day after day, so it takes a lot of energy to muster that every day and keep it fresh.

F: What was it like working with Pink?

SM:It was a great chance to see how the machine works. Listening to her work, doing interviews and stuff – she’s really driven, really strong. But it really inspired me that if you work for it, everything is possible. It was also great to see and remember that she’s a human like me, and everyone has bad days.


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F: How would you describe your style?

SM:Very eclectic. I’ve been into trying to really plan what I really want to represent especially on stage. Definitely rock and roll, which sometimes lends itself to 80s pieces. I’m always wearing a ton of rings and bracelets… I can’t keep it simple!


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F: Who are your fashion influences?

SM: I’m influenced, like everyone else, by what’s out there on TV or in magazines. But I like to keep my look rock meets fresh.

F: What’s your favourite trend right now?

SM: I’d have to say the dress over capris. Shirts are baggy out there in all the right places and I like that – I think most girls do!

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