Hold Up—These People Have Never Won an Oscar?!

From a 5-time Best Actress nominee to some of the most iconic film legends, these are the most surprising people without Oscars

If we told you that Marilyn Monroe, Spike Lee, and Amy Adams have never won Oscars, would you even believe us? Sadly, the iconic screen legend, crazy-influential director and super-talented actress have all been dissed by the Academy. (At least his 2016 win for The Revenant meant we could *finally* take long-rejected Leonardo DiCaprio off this list but, TBH, a talented actor shouldn’t have to survive a million bear attacks and straight up sleep in a hollowed out animal carcass to win the elusive golden guy. But we digress). Here, 11 of the most surprising people without Oscars.

With files from Clare Douglas, HELLO! Canada

Wait—THESE People Have Won Oscars?!
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