Steve Carell Got Really Hot—and Is Now Everyone's Fave Silver Fox

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Meaghan Wray

Funnyman Steve Carell has played many roles, from nerdy Michael Scott on The Office to down-and out divorcée Cal (alongside Ryan Gosling) in Crazy, Stupid Love. What he’s never played is the hot guy.

But in this week’s totally unexpected and equally as amazing news, 54-year-old Carell—while promoting his new movie Despicable Me 3—revealed his most recent role as Hollywood’s resident Silver Fox. And he’s apparently “busting with pride” from all the attention.

Steve Carell got hot
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TTFN George Clooney, babely Carell has stolen your thunder with his newfound swag. Did Gosling actually transform him IRL, or are we imagining things? *Rubs eyes*

Adam Brody as his 'The O.C.' character Seth Cohen, rubbing his eyes in shock
(Source: Giphy)

Nope, it’s real. Carell is a fox and the world is IN. TO. IT.

Yep, we’re thinking what you’re thinking…

TBH, we always knew Carell had it in him. Thanks for finally catching up, World.

Steve Carell as his 'Crazy, Stupid Love' character Cal winking and pointing, with a drink in his hand
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