Step Up: All In’s Ryan Guzman on What Makes Him Cry

Are you stoked for Step Up: All In? Get to know its smokin' star, Ryan Guzman!

Ryan Guzman Step Up: All In

Ryan Guzman

The Step Up series has brought us many dancing hotties: OG Channing Tatum, Robert Hoffman, Rick Malambri and the gorgeous Ryan Guzman, who reprises his Step Up: Revolution role of Sean in Step Up: All In (in theatres August 8). The gang’s all here for the ultimate all-star sequel, including spirited Step Up 2: The Streets star Briana Evigan, along with series favourites Moose (Adam Sevani), Camille (Alyson Stoner), and Twitch. Ryan Guzman—who has also been cast as Rio in the upcoming JEM movie!—shares with FLARE his bro-love for The Ultimate Fighter and Bruce Lee.

My friends say I’m… funny

I think I’m … a goofball

My worst habit: overanalyzing

Guilty pleasure TV: Anything on the History Channel.

Favourite TV show: I love The Ultimate Fighter because it’s a look into the lives of hardworking individuals who put everything they have into chasing their dreams.

Greatest weakness: A good song. I always find myself dancing.

Accessory: There are only two accessories I really care about wearing. A pair of dog tags and a bracelet that my girlfriend gave me.

Best meal I can cook: Sauteéd mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes, shrimp scampi, with a nice cut of steak and green beans on top.

Favourite junk food: Snickers

Worst thing about being an actor: There is no certainty in your future. You can be hot one minute and cold the next, so you have to continuously be on the grind and making smart decisions.

What human quality would you like to eradicate? The stigma that one person is above another due to what they do as a profession or how much they make.

Best thing about being an actor: The freedom to express yourself in ways you never thought were imaginable.

First job? Refereeing soccer games.

My worst ever job… Installing air conditioners in houses.

My best date includes… a lot of laughter.

The best quality in a partner is… a sense of humour.

I love it when a woman wears… something classic.

My definition of a cosmic joke would be… Complaining about your life being not good enough and then losing something dear to you. There is always going to be a way down but when you’re up, you need to appreciate where you are.

My perfect-day playlist: A mixture of jazz and R&B.

Song that makes me tear up: Sarah McLachlan, “In the Arms of an Angel.” (Damn, those sad “adopt a pet” commercials get me every time.)

Last thing that made me cry: My job.

Secret fantasy: I want to own a house in Italy.

Superpower I would like most to possess? The power to control time.

My childhood hero was… (and is) Bruce Lee

Ryan Guzman Step Up: All In

Ryan Guzman

And now a few questions about Step Up: All In.

How did you get into dancing? What do you love about it? I got into dancing through Step Up. I love that it is an expression of one’s self through the movement of your body.

What was the most technically challenging scene to film and why? The boxing ring scene. I had suffered a torn patellar tendon in my left knee rehearsing for that scene and the floor was not very stable. I continued to dance on that torn knee without knowing ’til later in the film how bad it actually was.

Who is your favourite classic Step Up character and why? I have to give it to Channing Tatum’s Tyler because he started the franchise off. I would not be here without him doing a great job in the first film.

How has the film helped you grow as an actor? There was no Oscar-winning moment in the script but because I had the opportunity to grow as an actor through other jobs, I was able to give more depth to my character.

All images courtesy of Marc Cartwright.