Star Encounters

My morning with the Conviction cast

After hitting two parties last night with Lisa—one for Alliance Films and the other for Mongrel Media, I woke up early this a.m to attend the Conviction press conference. Hilary Swank looked even more gorgeous in person in a fitted tweed dress and black platform studded stilletos. From certain angles she reminded me of a young Raquel Welsh. One thing is for certain, she’s got the best arms in Hollywood—perfectly lean and toned. She fought back tears as she spoke about her role, calling the real-life character she plays, Betty Anne Waters, her hero. She also said that this part and her Oscar winning performance in Million Dollar Baby are her two career highlights. Juliette Lewis (who is as fantastically eccentric in person as you’d imagine her to be) and the lovely Minnie Driver (who also stars in Barney’s Version at TIFF) were also there fielding questions. But what made things really interesting and emotional? The fact that Betty Anne Waters was there to speak about her story and the love she had for her brother. Conviction trivia: apparently a reel containing 18hours of film was accidentally x-rayed at an airport during production causing Swank and Sam Rockwell to have to re-shoot pivotal scenes.