Stop Right Now: Mel B Hints the Spice Girls Will Perform at the Royal Wedding

It makes total sense given that they're '90s royalty

The Spice Girls hold each other and pose for a group photo against a hot pink background

(Photo: Rex Features)

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want… I want an invite to the royal wedding reception.

Somehow, the most elusive wedding invite in all the land has become next-level desirable. As if it isn’t already enough that Meghan Markle is basically living out a modern-day Disney movie—finding the prince of her dreams and getting married in royal splendour—word has it that in addition to Her Royal Highness, ’90s royalty will also be in attendance.

Mel B—better known as Scary Spice—spilled the beans on The Real. Hosts Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love and Jeannie Mai predictably lost their shit when Mel B confirmed that the Spice Girls would be attending the upcoming royal wedding on May 19. But that was just the beginning. “Why am I so honest?” Mel B said.

Love got down to the big question and asked Mel B if the Spice Girls would be performing at the reception. In response, the singer looked down, smiled slyly and said: “I swear, I’m just like…”—and then proceeded to toss her notecards in the air. That was enough to send Love and her co-hosts into a second fit of screams, taking Mel B’s reaction as confirmation that the royal reception was going to get a serious dose of ziga-zigah. (There has been no official confirmation as of yet.)

We do know that there will be two receptions, one immediately following the wedding ceremony, and a smaller party for friends and family later in the evening hosted by Prince Charles. It’s still unclear which one may host a Spice Girls performance. But let’s be real, wherever they perform is where I wannabe.


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