Sparkle This Season

FLARE met with makeup artist to the stars Chase Aston on holiday trends to make you shine

Sparkle This Season
FLARE met with makeup artist to the stars Chase Aston on holiday trends to make you shine

Chase Aston’s energy and enthusiasm for making women look glamourous is infectious. As The Body Shop’s International Makeup Artist, he’s busy jet-setting around the globe—lending his magical makeup skills to celebrities, top models and industry experts. Here he provides the simple steps to achieve a sparkly holiday look.

FLARE: How can readers capture the look of the season?
Chase: This season, it’s all about a smokey eye with barely-there cheeks and nude lips. To spruce up your makeup bag, invest in a gray metallic eyeshadow, sheer blush, nude lip colour, and liquid eyeliner.

FLARE: What is the hottest makeup trend to watch this season?
Chase: For the eyes, it really is liquid eyeliner. But we’re seeing it in shimmery black, gray and bronze even, instead of the typical black and brown. A shimmery liner really adds a soft dimension to a smokey eye. And for the lips, nudes with gold hints are very of-the-moment and look perfect with a smokey eye.

FLARE: What is the colour palette of the season?
Chase: Metallic gray and silver on the eyes. Rich bronze and gold on the lips. Cheeks are barely there—so sheer is the way to go with blush.

FLARE: What should every woman’s makeup essential be this season?
Chase: A good matte foundation. Matte skin is the key to carry off the metallic look of the season.  

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Chase’s Holiday Essentials
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  • Metallic Eye & Cheek Palettes, $24.50
  • Glitter Liquid Eyeliner, Starlight, $15.50
  • Brush On Beads, $22.50
  • Hi-Shine Lip Treatment, Gold Shimmer, $13

FLARE: What should every woman know about makeup?
Chase: I have three rules when it comes to makeup. First off, blend, blend, blend. You want your makeup to look as natural as possible, so a good idea is to sweep a large brush over your face to blend in your make-up. Secondly, foundation (listen up ladies) should be as close to your skin colour as possible. It should not be used as a bronzer. Pay attention to difference between your jaw and your neck when your foundation has been applied. There should be no graduation in colour. And lastly, have fun! Remember, it’s only makeup—it washes off—so play! 

FLARE: What are your skin-saving tips for harsher winter months?
Chase: Do not over powder. It dries the skin out. And invest in a good intensive moisturizer. I say apply as soon as you step out of the shower each morning so your skin soaks up what it needs before you apply your makeup.

FLARE: What’s one thing every woman should do before they run out the door in typical holiday frenzy?
Chase: If you only have 30 seconds, dust a bronzer across your face. It’ll give you an instant glow. If you have 10 more seconds to spare, mascara always does wonders.

FLARE: What’s a good party look for the season?
Chase: One of my favourite looks is to apply a stain to the apples of your cheeks and then brush over the stain with a sheer blush in a circular motion. Your cheeks will pop and you can use the stain for the lips as well. For the eyes, get shimmery gold eyeliner and apply a hint in the corners and creases of the eyes to really open them up.

Holidays are the one time to get away with really fun makeup, so if it’s one thing you buy to refresh your palette—make it shimmery!
– Chase Aston
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