Solange Knowles' Beauty Secrets Revealed

The Rimmel London brand ambassador dishes on makeup and her beauty icons


Photo Courtesy of Rimmel


Photo Courtesy of Rimmel

Songstress and front row regular Solange Knowles helped launch a line of new lipsticks with the iconic beauty label Rimmel, in London. We jetted off to meet the celeb and chatted about her beauty secrets, style inspirations and how she gets that glowing skin.

On her personal style:
“I love wearing a lot of prints, a lot of colours and matching a lot of prints so I like to make my face pretty bare because I feel like if you’re going to go out with that much design your makeup should be kept fairly minimal.”

On the beauty looks that inspire her: “Diana Ross, which I’m sure is pretty obvious. I grew up idolizing her. My first distinctive image of her is actually in The Wiz and in that movie she was probably the least glam that she has ever been and she has a very kind of traditional afro and minimal makeup but she just has this really radiant energy [and] a sort of timelessness with beauty. Then there is a side of me that has been obsessed with Bjork since like sixth grade and all of the amazing adventurous things that she does with beauty and the unconventional element.”

On the role of makeup in her day-to-day life:
“I keep it pretty bare day to day because I’m up at six making lunch for my son and walking him to school. If I’m DJing or if I’m doing meetings, even if I’m going to dinner with my boyfriend, I have a very simple routine. I typically just wear mascara and a bright coloured lip. I’m not too keen on heavy foundations and powders.”

On skincare: “I use a really great line; it’s called Epicuren. I had breakouts and I did everything you could think of and then I just stopped doing everything and then my skin just started getting better and better. So, I do that, and I’m really adamant about my sleep that’s the one thing, if you ask anyone who knows me I’m like I have to have 10 hours of sleep.”

On her beauty philosophy as a brand ambassador:
“I would have to say to just completely be in your element. I think that is the most important thing in everything you do. I just am really firm and strong about what I think works best for me and because of that I feel really happy with the images that are out.”

On representing women of colour: “I also think it’s amazing that I am a woman of colour able to have this role. I remember the very first day it was announced – I had all of these beautiful women like, “Yay, I’m so happy we have a black girl there!” So that is also really exciting to be able to represent something as iconic as that.”

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