Simple Plan

Exclusive interview!

Featured Artist: Simple Plan
2006 Juno winner for the Juno Fan Choice Award

Guitarist Sebastien Lefebvre (far right in photo) of Simple Plan talks to Flare

Flare: What’s your desert-island album?
Sebastien Lefebvre: “A full iPod or, I think I would bring Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity.”

F: What’s the one item you can’t leave home without?
S.F.: “My computer. That’s the only way to keep in touch with the real world.”

F: What’s your biggest fashion pet peeve?
S.F.: “I don’t care that much. If I like it, I put it on. I don’t really like to wear stuff that everybody else is wearing though.”

F: What’s your most prized material possession?
S.F.: “My computer again. Pretty much my whole life is in there.”

F: What’s the coolest place in Canada you have ever been to? Why?
S.F.: “My favourite city in Canada is Montreal. It’s got everything and a cool vibe – especially in the summer!”

For more information on Simple Plan visit www.warnermusic.ca/SimplePlan