Sia Shared Her Own Nude Pic on Twitter So a Creep Couldn't Profit

Her casual but powerful clapback makes us want to swing from a chandelier, HBU?

Singer Sia in concert wearing a white dress and big white bow on her head

(Photo: Getty Images)

Hey paps/creepers/amateur celebrity photogs, a word to the wise: if you come for Sia with unauthorized nudes and try to profit off them, she’ll happily release the grainy images for you, and all with the cheerful positivity of Santa Claus himself. The Australian singer—whose signature lewk *usually* includes an oversized wig with major bangs—tweeted out a picture of her nude backside that a paparazzi was allegedly shopping around on November 6 with the message “Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!” She is releasing a somewhat surprising holiday album on November 17 called Everyday is Christmas, after all. What a damn delight this mysterious singer is!

To riff off Sia’s own reference to her forthcoming Christmas album, Sia (and her tweet) are a freakin’ gift.

A quick scroll through the replies to her epic clapback tweet include words like “iconic” and “legend” and we couldn’t agree more. Not only are we 100 percent here for her pleasant-but-pointed eff you to the lurker that took this completely inappropriate picture of the star in her private space and then tried to make a buck off it (*slow clap for Sia*), we love how she’s reclaiming the nude and absolutely owning the narrative. And for a gal who rarely shows her full face, we love that she’s proudly showing her full moon. Sia, you’re officially our hero.

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