Shit Girls Say Episode 4 Premiering at TIFF

The latest episode of the internet favourite screens in the TIFF shorts program.

Photo Courtesy of TIFF

The Shit Girls Say universe continues to grow as the fourth episode of the viral video series premieres at TIFF Thursday night. The latest installment is included in the festival’s short-film program. The series’ Toronto-based creators, off-screen couple Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard, will talk about being at the centre of a pop culture explosion as part of the TIFF Mavericks program on Friday.

With over 1.5 million Twitter followers and 17 million views on their first video, Shit Girls Say charms with clichéd, yet relatable, lines that strike a chord with women. The often heard “You know I love you” and “Did I lock the door?” had many women saying “OMG, this is so true,” and has spawned hundreds of imitators, including “Shit Fashion Girls Say.” The Girl universe doesn’t just end at the screen – the book version will be released on Tuesday and include new phrases and old favourites. It’ll join the myriad of internet meme-based books such as the infamous Feminist Ryan Gosling and Awkward Family Photos.—Portia Baladad