Shawn Mendes to Bottle Raging Hormones in Signature Scent

The "Treat You Better" singer is launching a signature scent & if his fans' reactions on social are any indication, the Shawn Mendes fragrance will be huge amongst the adolescent crowd

You know you’re big-time when there’s enough demand to smell like you, or wear a scent approved by a team of people adjacent to you, and that a personal perfume is a thing you’re putting out into the world. Britney has 22 fragrances, Beyoncé has 14 and fellow Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has seven, so it’s potentially a major money-maker and a clear message to the world that you have arrived.

‪#ShawnSignature coming Friday. X ‬

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Pickering, Ontario’s most famous 18-year-old Shawn Mendes is getting into the perfume game, and on August 1 casually dropped a video on social media with the pithy caption “#ShawnSignature coming soon. X” sending his many, many fans into a frothy fervour. By August 2, he had released a second video and updated the message to “#ShawnSignature coming Friday. X” where he was still shown strumming a guitar, though the acoustic was swapped out for an electric, and pensively strolling near a tour bus while composing lyrics to what may very well be his next hit song. Cue a flurry of elated replies and thousands of likes as for once, “soon” actually meant within a short amount of time.

And because the majority of Mendes’ notoriously outspoken fans are of allowance-saving age, they immediately started to wonder just how much a bottle—light blue with what appears to be a brass guitar pick decal and guitar strings twisted around the topper because he’s a MUSICIAN after all—will set them back and speculate about what to expect from the singer-songwriter’s first fragrance.

Will it be just for the ladies or a unisex scent fit for any proud member of the Mendes Army? Will vanilla be a prime note, because let’s face it everyone goes through a sweet-smell phase, or will Shawn Signature, the name of the fragrance, opt for something more mature, sophisticated and woodsy to help his adolescent fanbase mask the scent of their changing bodies? (No shade; we’ve all been there and smelling fresh is not one of the tenets of teenage-dom.)

Luckily, we now know what an arena full of Mendes fans will smell like, other than insanely hormonal.

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