Shawn Mendes Fixing Hailey Baldwin's Dress at the Met Gala Will Melt Your Heart

Could these two *get* any cuter?

Laura Hensley
Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin together on the red carpet of the 2018 Met Gala
(Photo: Getty)

There were a lot of great moments from this year’s Met Gala, but one in particular stole our hearts.

When are-they-or-aren’t-they couple Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin *finally* confirmed their relationship status and walked the event’s red carpet together, we basically died because, a) they looked so cute, and b) the 19-year-old singer proved he’s the sweetest BF ever. ICYMI, among all the wild looks, Mendes was spotted fixing the train on the 21-year-old model’s dress. He was also caught walking around her gown so he wouldn’t step on it. If that isn’t true love then I don’t know what is.

The internet was quick to point out how heartwarming his actions were, because as you know, a boyfriend who takes style seriously is a keeper.

While both Mendes and Baldwin have denied their relationship in the past, we’re going to take their Met Gala appearance as offish confirmation they are seriously in love and probs going to live happily ever after. Because come on, who wouldn’t fall head-over-heels for a dude who also doubles as a wardrobe stylist?!

Keep on being adorable, you guys.


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