Sharp Whit

Whitney Cummings gets real about sex and fashion on her new sitcom Whitney.

Photo courtesy CTV

Those who say there are no good roles for women clearly need a PVR. The best new sitcoms this fall are led by women such as Jamie Pressley, Zooey Deschanel and Christina Applegate. Joining the comedy big leagues is model-turned-stand-up Whitney Cummings with her series Whitney.

In many ways Whitney is a classic sitcom, even filming before a live audience. But Central Perk this is not. “A lot of the characters in these shows work in coffee shops and have no money but live in these gorgeous brownstones and wear these amazing Prada clothes,” the 29-year-old Chelsea Lately regular griped at the CTV upfronts last June. “To me it’s not realistic.” On Whitney, Cummings’ character will dare to bare a makeup-free face and recycle outfits “like actual human beings do.”

Along with her role executive producing Kat Dennings’ sitcom Two Broke Girls, it’s part of Cummings’ crusade to get real with network sitcoms. Her relationship with her onscreen boyfriend Alex (Chris D’Elia) is one example. “There’s a lot of relationships on TV where the husbands are scared of the wives,” she says, listing off the cliches of the bossy better half who’s always sneering at sex. “That has never been my experience, and it feels fake to me.”

??With Cummings writing, producing and starring in the series, perhaps the show will teach the networks a lesson: if you want three-dimensional women on camera, why not put some three-dimensional women behind that camera?

Whitney premieres Friday, September 23 at 8:30/7:30C on CTV.