Sharleen Joynt on The Bachelor: Episode 9

The smart, sexy former Bachelor contestant shares her take on last night’s episode


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I’m finding the emphasis on Becca’s virginity to be simply too much. After all, traditionally, haven’t the Fantasy Suites only hinted at sex in the past? It’s about the alone time, and by “alone time” I don’t mean sexy time. I mean: there aren’t half a dozen cameras surrounding you. I would have killed to have that sort of time when I was on the show, and it wasn’t because we wanted to rip each other’s clothes off. It was because it is very hard to be your 100 percent true self with enormous cameras in your face, period.

So, why now is it assumed everyone has sex in the Fantasy Suites? (We know Sean Lowe didn’t.) I get that Becca’s being a virgin adds drama, but it sucked way too much time out of the episode. I mean, of course Chris was going to be a gentleman upon receiving that information; it’s not like he was going to kick Becca to the curb.

Furthermore, never before in real life or on television have I heard virginity discussed so much. Isn’t one’s virginity typically a private thing? It’s not like people go around casually disclosing how many sexual partners they’ve had, so why should anyone go around disclosing that number to be zero?

Of course, I don’t blame any of this on Becca. It’s been obvious all season that this is a personal and private decision for her. I just feel the show has tried to make something out of nothing (twice now, if you include Ashley I.) and should focus only on the developing relationships, not one contestant’s private matters.

Kaitlyn’s departure was one of the most difficult to stomach that I can recall. But honestly, I’m selfishly happy about it since it means she might still be single… #KaitlynForBachelorette!

My predictions for two weeks from now…

Who Chris Should Pick: Whitney

It’s very telling that at the last several Rose Ceremonies Chris has always called Whitney’s name first. This is a kind gesture of not making her wait. Also, this week, it was made clear that Whitney’s was the one and only rose he was sure about. Chris has never waffled when it comes to Whitney. He seems to genuinely respect and admire her, and thus, she brings out a warm, mature side of him. Their relationship has always seemed on a different level than the other girls’, like they’ve both been completely confident in each other all along. My only reservation is that Whitney seems to love her career (and she has stressed more than once how hard she’s worked to get where she is) so to give that up would be a massive sacrifice. However, she seems willing, so Chris would be lucky to have her.

Who Chris Will Pick: Whitney

For once, this has nothing to do with Becca’s virginity! I adore Becca and think she’s as authentic as they come. She doesn’t play up her feelings for the camera and has a calming aura to her that I appreciate. (I know that’s a weird thing to mention but it’s true; there’s no nervous energy with Becca and it makes her very easy to watch.) I especially like that she isn’t being dishonest about her feelings on Arlington. For me, however, it simply comes down to which connection is stronger, so in my eyes, it’s Whitney.

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