Sharleen Joynt on The Bachelor: Episode 7

The smart and sexy opera singer from Ottawa (and former contestant on The Bachelor season 18) shares her take on last night’s episode

Chris and Britt kiss in Iowa (Photo: The Bachelor Facebook)

Chris and Whitney share a kiss, Iowa-style (Photo: The Bachelor Facebook)

It’s no secret that Carly is a favourite of mine. She’s relatable and humble while telling it like it is. Plus, as evidenced in the country song group date last week, she’s super talented to boot. Therefore, it pained me when Carly, in particular, fell into the trash talk trap this week.

I’ve been admittedly harsh on Britt all season. I’ve been pretty open about how I’ve found her to be affected and unrelatable. But, I’m a firm believer that the Bachelor should rely on his judgment alone, and it complicates things when one girl rats out another. Carly telling Chris about Britt’s initial reaction to Iowa doesn’t do anyone any favours, since if Chris is infatuated enough with Britt, he’ll ignore any and all red flags anyway. (Ben Flajnik, anyone?) The old adage, “If he doesn’t see through it, he deserves it” applies. If it turns out Britt really couldn’t ever see herself in Arlington, that will surface eventually.

My frontrunners this week?

1. Whitney, 29: The more I see of Whitney, the more I like. In contrast to Carly and Britt, Whitney is able to keep her relationship with Chris separate from the others’. She definitely has opinions but chooses to be an observer. She’s refined and mature, handling Chris’ friends and their questions with grace and authenticity. Whitney really has her ducks in a row and I love that Chris seems to grasp that.

2. Britt, 27: Oh, Britt. I actually felt for Britt this week. I appreciated her honest reaction to Arlington; she seemed genuinely dumbstruck by the town. I think if she is lying to Chris about loving Iowa, that will catch up with her—something she herself has to realize. As for the group date rose meltdown, I’m torn between condemning and supporting her. After all, she was in Kaitlyn’s exact position last week (as was so aptly pointed out by Carly). Doesn’t she realize that, a mere week ago, the girls felt exactly how she feels? Britt has herself on something of a pedestal and becomes petulant when she doesn’t feel like the frontrunner. That said, at this point, and with hometown dates coming up, I can see her wanting to feel like her affections and efforts are reciprocated. But the way she dealt with those feelings was immature. I’m sure she would go back and change that hot-headed reaction if she could.

3. Kaitlyn, 29: It hits home with me when Kaitlyn’s down. Kaitlyn is a smart cookie and a woman not lacking in the pride department, both major factors in why I like her so much. Last week she said she is not the sort of person who fights for attention from a man, and therefore found it humiliating to put herself out there only to be taken back a step. Who can’t relate to that? And notice how well she was able to verbalize those feelings, despite it being a moment of vulnerability. She didn’t have a meltdown in front of everyone, à la Britt. She’s just in another league in terms of maturity. Can’t wait to see that Vancouver hometown!

4. Jade, 28: The dichotomy between how shy Jade seems and the fact that she posed for Playboy is fascinating to me. I like her a lot and don’t judge her at all for the choices she’s made, especially since it seems she has come to understand the repercussions of those choices since she made them. If Chris can’t deal with her big reveal on the next episode, I guess I can’t blame him, but I’d love it if he kept an open mind. I guess we’ll find out soon enough…

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