Sharleen Joynt on Bachelorette Canada: Episode 6

Sharleen Joynt—FLARE columnist and former Bachelor contestant—shares her take on last night’s episode of Bachelorette Canada

Sharleen Joynt Bachelorette Canada

Jasmine and Thomas—or was it Tom?—have a moment in Morocco (Photo: Courtesy W Network)

Oh, Bachelorette Canada. I like so many things about you, and even prefer you to the original in many ways. I love your fair and honest-seeming representation of the cast, your suddenly sizable travel budget, your artsy sweeping panoramas and close-ups of candles. I especially love that you put two solid frontrunners on the 2-on-1 date—I can’t imagine a world where the American version wouldn’t have put villain and 1-on-1-date-less Drew on it. But there is one thing I do not like at all, and that is your insistence on skimming over details big and small. You repeatedly open a topic and never answer it, like when Jasmine, after giving Mike the 2-on-1 rose this week, said, “I do have outstanding concerns about Mike.” Um, AND? Those are…? Or how about two weeks ago when it was insinuated during some romantic graffiti-ing that Mikhel might be something of a pushover. Was that ever bookended? Nope. Or, the tour de force in pertinent detail skimming, which was the argument between Jasmine and Kevin W. What followed said argument was Kevin W saying to a producer “I might just go home tonight” and him telling the camera to leave him “the f-ck alone,” followed by commercial break, followed by… Kevin W in line at the Rose Ceremony?! Of course, I’m happy Kevin W stuck around and didn’t let that hot head of his get the best of him, but YOU GUYS, THIS IS A REALITY SHOW. I want to see—or hear—what happened in the interim. What or whom cooled Kevin W down?

Speaking of that argument, I was surprised at how on the offensive Jasmine was in this conversation. Sure, Kevin W came on pretty strong, but I think he just needed a little coddling, which is understandable given the situation he’s in and how it’s designed to make him insecure.

Let’s look at the facts. By Episode 3, Kevin W was the recipient of both a Group Date rose and a 1-on-1. He made a very strong showing very early. There’s something of a curse associated with all that early validation and being made to “feel special.” It’s one thing to grant more and more encouragement as time goes on, as Jasmine has done with Mikhel, but it’s entirely different to give a lot early on and then let weeks pass without giving any. I’m reminded of Kaitlyn’s season, when she (allegedly) told Shawn partway through the season that he was “the one.” It’s hard to continue the same process as everyone else when you think you’re on a different level. Sure, Jasmine hasn’t given Kevin W that degree of validation, but you get my point. Kevin W obviously is a bit of a hothead. (Clearly evidenced when he hastily—and angrily—went to talk to Jasmine upon hearing that she was making out with Kevin P, and again when he blurted out, “I might just go home tonight,” obviously wanting to punish her). Both times, he just needed some TLC.

I can’t help but think that if Jasmine were a former contestant, she would have gone easier on him, having experienced that same insecurity at some point. She mistakenly said that he was making it all about the rose, as though it were a competition. I do feel like Jasmine has a general paranoia (as most leads do) that the guys are there to “win” and not necessarily for her.

Sharleen Joynt Bachelorette Canada

Mike looks good in Morocco (Photograph: Courtesy W Network)

1. Mikhel, 28: Sweet, almost comically agreeable Mikhel continues to hold his own. What I like about Mikhel is his ability to be effusive while clearly being uncomfortable. There’s an endearing lack of suavity to him (the exact opposite of Drew) that, in a package as handsomely wrapped as Mikhel, I think most women would find attractive, Jasmine included. I’m curious to see if Mikhel has an “edge” to him that will make Jasmine see him as more than just adorable and sweet, but I also suspect he’s bright enough to dole that out more carefully than, say, aspiring actor Drew. Mikhel is great, period.

2. Kevin W, 32: While some could see the “fight” between Kevin W and Jasmine as a red flag, I saw it as a sign of how comfortable and connected these two are. After all, we rarely show our less flattering sides to those we don’t know well, especially those we’re interested in romantically. The fact that they both eschewed their best behaviour to argue with each other means they’re pretty far along on the familiarity scale. I also suspect they’ll come out on the other side, softened to each other and stronger as a couple.

3. Mike, 29: The fact that Mike was on the 2-on-1 put me in a tizzy. It could have been to throw us off the scent; if so, it worked, as I’m forced to once again dethrone Mike from his #1 spot. I just don’t get Jasmine’s “outstanding concerns,” nor the argument that his stability is somehow something that worries her. Remember, he just had a fantastic 1-on-1 last week, and now he’s subjected to an almost hilariously unpleasant-looking 2-on-1?  Everything about this relationship isn’t adding up right now. If they DO end up together, as I said two weeks ago, this edit sure isn’t doing their story justice.

4. Kevin P, 35: Excuse my French, but HOLY SHIT that kiss. Did it give anyone else chills or am I just a weirdo? I’m not sure if it was the sudden music change, the long buildup (a first kiss in Episode 6 = buildup), or how Kevin P beckoned Jasmine with a gentle “come here,” but I was swooning. And not to blow any more smoke up Jasmine’s ass, but she is incredibly perceptive. The fact that she can recognize Kevin P’s guardedness as actually knowing and learning something about him is huge; she looks past it as just a fact or a con, but further to the point of relating to it. All that said, while it’s possible Kevin P has dark horse potential (previews suggest he gets his long-awaited 1-on-1 next week) I still struggle to see him coming from so far behind to make it to the end. But, who knows? If that kiss was anywhere near as epic as it looked on TV, I’ll be the last person to underestimate his staying power.

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