Sharleen Joynt on Bachelor in Paradise: The Finale

Opera singer Sharleen Joynt—fellow Canuck, FLARE columnist and former Bachelor contestant—shares her take on the end of season 2

bachelor in paradiseI have been watching The Bachelor and its spinoffs since college. I’d dabbled prior but it wasn’t until Jason Mesnick’s season that I got officially hooked. In all those hours deliciously wasted on this show, I’ve only ever cried once. (As a viewer, of course. As a contestant doesn’t count!) Bachelorette Ashley Hebert’s engagement to JP Rosenbaum was the only thing that ever had me reaching for the tissues. That is, until last night. Tanner and Jade had me legitimately in tears, you guys. Much like Ashley and JP, those two just have “it.” They’re gonna make it. I really believe it!

I believe how you start off as a couple matters. I love that neither Jade or Tanner were flirting with anyone else before finding their way to each other. Of course it helps that they both arrived the first week, but never was there was any waffling, jealousy-making, or grass-is-always-greener-ing. A person who is mature enough to consider an engagement and marriage is mature enough to resist those games in the first place. Not to beat the dead (but beautiful!) horse that is Samantha, it’s hard to have the same faith in her relationship with Nick because of its start. I’m not saying if you don’t have a magical beginning your relationship is doomed, but I do think if you have something special with someone, you know right away. Call me harsh, but the fact that Samantha had been texting Nick for three (!) months prior to the show, only to barely give him a second thought when he arrived (while she was already with Joe), doesn’t bode well. If she had wanted him, she would have made it work.

Speaking of which, Tenley. If Tenley had wanted Joshua enough, she would have made it work. I actually loved these two together. I loved how this big Wreck-It Ralph was a puddle of feelings for her. But the distance/lifestyle thing is an excuse. I’ve been in more long-distance relationships than I can count and I know they’re not easy. But what it’s taught me is if what you’ve got is irreplaceable, you do what you must to keep it alive. In After Paradise (which I confess I haven’t watched much of all season… 4 hours of Paradise per week is not for the faint of heart!), Tenley clarified that it was more about the two of them and less about the logistics. I only wish she’d stated that upfront.

I have mixed feelings about Carly’s reunion with Kirk. On one hand, as I stated yesterday, Kirk’s timing was terrible, as was his inability to take responsibility. On the other, I think civility is always the classiest route. I don’t necessarily think Carly should have just let Kirk off the hook and agreed to be buddies, nor should she have been particularly warm. But coldness isn’t as powerful as cold kindness, and happiness can be the best revenge of all.

All in all, I felt Paradise Season 2 was a huge improvement from Season 1. The show felt less haphazard, less icky, and made fun of itself almost better than any of us could. Best of all, we got Janner, author of quotes like: “I love so many things about you. I love how our mornings are our favorite time and you make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, and worthy, and understood, which I don’t think I’ve ever felt from a man before.” (Adjectives! Specificity!) I predict Paradise‘s success rate will soon be 2 for 2, which are a hell of a lot better odds than The Bachelor/ette.

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